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BPC Priority Issues

Village of Croton-on-Hudson Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning Committee
List of Priority Issues and Preliminary Options
 (for discussion purposes only, full list of all issues identified to-date under evaluation)
January 2007

Issue and Location

Potential Options

Croton Point Avenue/South Riverside Avenue Safety & Access Improvements

Reconfigure Croton Point Ave with separated multi-use path (bike & ped) on north side, and added bike lane on south side; add new crosswalk markings, pedestrian activated walk signals and other pedestrian safety improvements at crossings; commuter peak hour AM stop sign enforcement at Route 9A southbound ramp; purchase mobile Variable Message Sign (VMS) for AM southbound ramp and PM northbound ramp (see example White Plains Hamilton Avenue intersection -- large VMS "Yield To Ped"); construct sidewalk adjacent to Shoprite Center and require sidewalk construction through Site Plan review for Shoprite entrance drive; missing pavement and storm drain grates at South Riverside/Croton Point Ave intersection are bike hazards; add bicycle lanes or shoulders (and short stretch of planted median) on South Riverside; explore possible direct vehicular access from Route 9A to station. (See BPC Corridor Plan Map.)

Maple Street/129 & Municipal Place Connectivity

Create & improve pedestrian connections between Maple Street shopping centers; parking lot access and curbing improvements (Maple St. Impr. Project); Maple Street crossing improvements; sidewalk construction north side of Municipal Place; require through Site Plan review a direct path to shopping center on west side of Maple; roadway safety signage “Share the Road”; crosswalk improvements at Olcott and Van Cortlandt Place, including sidewalk bulb-outs (neckdowns) at Olcott.

Cleveland Drive and Gotwald Circle Traffic Calming

Traffic Calming measures (neckdowns, signage, possible stop sign at Park Avenue); explore possibility of Modern Roundabout for Gotwald Circle with more controlled circulation, added yield and stop sign (see Town of Cortlandt example); increase enforcement of speeding; Library crosswalk with speed hump/raised crosswalk.

School Access Safety Improvements

Bicycle parking at schools; safe routes to schools program with crossing safety and other improvements along major routes; safety education programs through schools.

Bicycle Parking Facility Improvements

Lighting improvements and bike lockers at station; bike racks at shopping areas, parks, other destinations; install information plaques with routes, trail maps.

Promote Walking and Biking

Educational campaign; brochures; annual bike event; school outreach; local press & Cable TV outreach; create Croton-on-Hudson Bike Route Map to be used to promote cycling and identify major routes and locations for safety & access improvements (eg, where bike paths, shoulders, improved trail connections, and signage are needed, including improved northern gateway access on Route 129, North Riverside Avenue, from Croton Gorge Trail, etc.).

Waterfront Connections

Improve upland linkages to esplanade and parkland; improve trailway safety (eg, blind corners, fencing at edge of rip rap); enforce existing conservation easement agreements (see below); explore possibility of new multi-use path from Municipal Place to station.

Regulatory & Enforcement

Site Plan review requirements for sidewalks and pedestrian connections; targeted ticketing for trouble spots for speeding (eg Cleveland Drive), failure to obey yield, stop or traffic circle signs (Route 9A ramps near station, Wells/Olcott circle) and parking or other obstructions on sidewalks; enforce Half Moon Bay Conservation Easement agreement for Village residents and their guests (pathway improvements; access, signage, other easement conditions); enforcement of sidewalk clearing & sidewalk maintenance requirements.