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Hurricane Sandy Update
Village of Croton-on-Hudson E-Notice

Post-Sandy Hurricane UPDATE Sunday November 11, 2012  2PM

  • Our priority now is restoring the following streets (listed alphabetically):
With the exception of a few single home scattered outages, ConEd has restored power to the rest of the Village.
  • Homes that have no electrical service in areas where power has already been restored will continue to be worked on until everyone does.  Residents are advised to call ConEd (1-800-752-6633) to report outages on a daily basis until power is restored.
  • On Saturday evening, power was restored to Old Post Road North, Mt. Green, N. Riverside Avenue as well as Elmore Avenue.
  • ConEd crews have been working on restoring single outages. A few scattered outages remain.    
  • We have been informed by Con Edison that crews will be in our area every day until all power is restored.
  • We are aware that there are a few homes who have no power due to their service line needing to be reconnected by Con Edison.  In addition to letting Con Edison know please let us know your name and address if that is the case.  
  • Pole repair: At this point, all poles that need replacing have been replaced.  
IMPORTANT: If you have no power, please CONTINUE to call ConEdison, 1-800-752-6633 (1-800-75Coned), and re-register your outage there EVERY MORNING.

As the main feeder lines come back on, ConEd’s system ASSUMES that everyone downstream is back on line.
But, that may NOT be the case, IF your block has a local issue, such as a tripped transformer. Please continue to notify ConEdison, if you remain out of power.

A note about service lines and home weather-heads:

  • ConEdison owns–and is responsible for–the service line from the street pole to the weather-head that attaches the line to your building. ConEdison also owns the meter itself, typically mounted on the outside of your building.
  • The homeowner owns–and is responsible for–the weather-head, the riser conduit, and meter pan box. The riser brings your service line down from the weather-head to the meter pan box where your line enters the home.
Contact your electrician, if your weather-head, riser, or meter pan box has pulled away from your home or appears damaged. You will be responsible for repairing these.

A note about generators:
  • If you are running on generator, ConEdison asks that you shut off your home’s main breaker, usually top of circuit breaker panel. Doing so will prevent your generator from back-feeding your service line and re-electrifying lines that ConEdison or our DPW crew think are de-energized.
  • If you are operating a generator, please move the generator as far from your home as possible to avoid fumes and exhaust from entering your home; 20 feet is the minimum recommended distance.
The warming and recharging station in the Municipal Building has moved from the basement to the second-floor board meeting room and will remain open 24/7. Public wifi has been restored to this building.

The Croton Yacht Club is also still available between 10 am and 10 pm for residents to warm up, charge cell phones, and use public wifi.

We will be sending further updates as conditions change.

# # #