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02 22 01

A meeting of the Comprehensive Committee of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson was held on Thursday, February 22, 2001, at the Municipal Building, One Van Wyck Street, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520.

The following members were present:

Chairperson Ann Gallelli
Roger Solymosy
Paul Doyle
Kurt Carlson
Trustee Liaison Georgianna Grant

Absent: Justin Casson

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8 pm.

Third Public Input Workshop

The third public input workshop will be held on March 8, 2001 at 7:30 pm in the Municipal Building.  The format for the workshop will be similar to the first two workshops.

Paul Buckhurst, who was unable to attend the meeting, faxed the following agenda:

Slide Presentation on existing conditions and key issues
Round table discussions on the following four topics:

Parks and recreation
Community services and facilities

Sharing ideas and visions

Each of the four topics will have a list of key assets and issues for discussion.

Chairman Gallelli asked the other members if they were happy with the above agenda and lists of issues or was there anything they wished to add or change.

Mr. Carlson questioned whether these issues were areas where the committee needed more information – or whether there were other issues that could be discussed.

Chairman Gallelli responded that she knew of people who planned to attend to talk about sidewalks and linkages, open space, and other residential issues.  For example, residents who have been concerned with the possibility of Temple Israel expanding plan on attending.

Mr. Solymosy wondered if they should add a topic on churches and synagogues in order to give those people a venue for discussion rather than have them overwhelm each table’s discussion.

Trustee Grant asked if it should be explained to them that this workshop wouldn’t be the most appropriate forum for them to discuss their issues with the possible expansion of the Temple.

Chairman Gallelli replied that there were many topics here such as traffic considerations, parking considerations, and transportation that the residents on Glengary Road would like to talk about.

Mr. Doyle suggested adding a topic under the issues listed for “community facilities and services: “Expansion of existing facilities.”  This might allow for a way of discussing the issue with the Temple.  

The other members agreed to add this topic.

Continued discussion on Light Industrial

Mr. Solymosy mentioned that he had found a local ordinance from the Town of Root in New York State which listed more specific definitions having to do with waste transfer facilities.  He believes these definitions should be added to the Village’s prohibition of waste transfer facilities.  He also mentioned that in the Town of Root’s local law they have a section stating no facility shall hereafter be allowed to continue operation within the Town of Root.

The committee agreed to send a copy of this local law to Village Attorney Waldman for him to use when writing the local law on the light industrial district.

Mr. Doyle didn’t believe you could pass a law which said operations had to cease immediately upon the passing of the law.

Chairman Gallelli explained that at the last meeting they had talked about adding an amortization chapter where different kinds of uses will be banned over time.

Mr. Doyle said he agreed to the use of an amortization table

Continued Discussion on Commercial Districts

Chairman Gallelli updated the other members on the status of the Grand Union.  It is scheduled to close on April 15th.  The owner of the property, Mark Giordano, is attempting to find another grocery store to enter that space.  C&S, the owner of the Grand Union, intends to lease the space to CVS.

From the committee’s point of view, if a new site plan is required, it may be an opportunity to get new landscape standards incorporated in the site plan.  It is important to get new landscaping and parking standards in place before the moratorium ends.

Mr. Doyle suggested getting Mr. Buckhurst’s ideas on this area including the undeveloped lot across the street.

Mr. Carlson said that the committee still needed to look at all the gateways area by area.

Mr. Doyle asked if the committee thought it was possible to extend the moratorium on these gateway areas.

Chairman Gallelli replied that they needed to check with Village Attorney Waldman.

Mr. Doyle asked if the use of special permits actually gave the Trustees discretion to deny the permit outright or only the power to impose conditions on the permit.

Mr. Solymosy said he didn’t think that special permits allowed Trustees to prohibit the use.  He would prefer to make judgments now about what should be permitted or not permitted and not use special permits to control the use.

Chairman Gallelli agreed that the committee should remove from the list of permitted uses in the commercial districts uses that the committee does not want to permit.

Mr. Doyle said that he believed the use of special permits were to impose conditions on a use – he hadn’t thought whether certain things in the commercial districts should be denied outright.

Chairman Gallelli replied that at the last meeting they decided to eliminate gas stations in the upper village as a permitted use, paved commercial parking lots in the other commercial districts – and there were probably other uses they may want to eliminate.
Mr. Solymosy said he wold like to eliminate nursing homes and hospitals as a permitted use – the things that come with them, such as staff, deliveries, ambulances, linen trucks, food trucks, are probably things they don’t want to add to in this Village.

Chairman Gallelli said that the committee members need to think more about the appropriate uses for C1 and C2 zones and have another meeting with Frank Fish.

Next meeting dates

The next meeting was tentatively scheduled for March 22nd.

Approval of minutes

The minutes of February 1, 2001 were approved as corrected.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Janine M. King, Secretary

Ann Gallelli, Chairman