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Downloadable Engineering Forms
Please contact the Village Engineer's Office if you have questions regarding an application or application process: 914-271-4783.

Description and Usage
Special Activities:
Description and Usage
The Appeal for a Variance gives special exemptions from certain zoning restrictions for individual projects. The application is subject to approval by the Zoning Board of Appeals.
Application for Accessory Apartment Permit for review by the Planning Board
To assist applicants through the initial planning process
The Application for the Wetlands Activities Permit must be submitted to the approving authority before any activity can take place on the Wetland or Controlled Area. The application must be approved prior to the issuance of a building permit for the activity.
Insurance Requirements
Description and Usage
Any permit requires documentation of proper insurance coverage for liability, workers compensation and disability insurance as required by law
Construction and Renovation
Description and Usage
Building Permits are subject to the approval of the Village Engineer. This permit application includes new NYS mandate truss construction. Read all the directions on the form carefully and refer to the additional "Building Permit Instructions" below. Please direct any question to the Village Engineer's Office. A Building Permit will not be accepted by the Village Engineer's Office until it is complete. Note that in certain situations an additional insurance form is required. DO NOT USE THIS APPLICATION FOR SOLAR PERMIT, EXISTING CONSTRUCTION, SHEDS OR WOOD BURNING STOVES. SEE VILLAGE FORMS FOR THESE APPLICATIONS.
This document will assist in the process of submitting a building permit. Revised Jan 2015.
Instructions on completing Building Permit Application and Certificate of Occupancy for existing construction
Application for Amendment is necessary when the original plans and specifications filed with a building permit are changed in any way. This form must be submitted to the Village Engineer.
Application to request from the Village Board of Trustees a temporary extension of an existing building permit.
This application is to be used for SHEDS ONLY
Application for Certificate of Occupancy is the last step in the Instructions for a Building Permit. Please read the instructions regarding a Certificate of Occupancy on page two of the form. This form must be notarized and submitted with the appropriate fee.
Application to legalize construction completed without a building permit
This application is to be used for installation of Wood Burning Stove or Gas Fireplace, including inserts ONLY. New 11/2016
Required for demolition of primary and accessory structures both residential and commercial
Permit for Installation and Inspection of a Fuel Gas Line is required
Proof of Plumbing License must be submitted with the application
Program runs Oct 2015 thu May 2020. Complete application to be included in this program
NYS Unified Solar Permit Application rev 2016
Activities that Require Applications:
Description and Usage
Requires explanation of the nature and amt. of blasting agent, a site plan and area map showing adjacent buildings plus a certificate of insurance naming the Village as additional insured.
Must be completed for proposed actions subject to consistency review law
Required to place a dumpster in a village street right of way
Requires site plan prepared by licensed engineer or land surveyor.
The Application for Improvements within Street Lines is for improvements on Village property along a street.
The intention of sign regulation is to encourage effective use of signs while minimizing possible adverse effects on nearby properties. Failure to comply with local sign laws could result in Legal Action.
A permit must be issued prior to any work in a village street.
Assists residents through the process of removing trees from property
For residential and commercial connections