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The Engineering Department consists of the Village Engineer/Building Inspector, Village Assessor/Assistant Building Inspector, Fire Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, Planning Board Secretary and Zoning Board Secretary.

All forms and applications are available in the Engineering Department Office on the second floor of the Municipal Building. Most forms can be completed and downloaded from the Engineering Department's Web Page  (under Village Forms)

All completed  forms must be submitted in person, with any fees, to the Engineering Department Office. Please contact the Village Engineer's Office with any additional questions at 914-271-4783.

A building permit is required for any renovations, conversions, or alterations to the homeowner’s building or property including swimming pools and sheds. New homes and those existing homes being expanded that exceed 80% of the allowable FAR require minor site plan approval from the Planning Board prior to a building permit being issued.

The following documents must be filed with the Village Engineer’s Office before a building permit can be issued:
- An  Application for Building Permit (available in the Engineer’s office or online)
- A survey or plot plan with the proposed structure located on it, showing all setback dimensions.
- If necessary, an application for water connection OR approval of a drilled well from the County Heath Department.
- If necessary, an application for sewer service OR a construction permit from the County Board of Health for a sewage disposal system.
- Three sets of complete building plans sealed and signed by an architect or engineer licensed in the State of New York.
- Documentation of proper insurance.  All building permit applications require certificate of liability, disability and workman's compensation.
- Fee accordining to the latest Village Master Fee Schedule. If a building permit is issued after construction is started, the fee is doubled.

Other items may include environmental site plans, erosion and sediment control plans, board approvals (zoning, wetlands, steep slopes, special permits, etc)

NOTES: Once issued, the building permit will become null and void six months after date of issuance if work has not actually commenced or has been abandoned. No work may commence before approval of the application and the issuance of a building permit by the Village Engineer.  Work begun without the benefit of a building permit is a violation of Article 1, Section 86-9 (A) of the Village Code and a summons may be issued. Removal of construction debris is the responsibility of the contractor; the Village of Croton-on-Hudson does not provide this service.

Plumbing Permits
Installation, repair, or alteration of plumbing requires an Application for Plumbing Permit.  The plumber must be licensed by Westchester County.  

Certificate of Occupancy
Before the final inspection by the Building Department, the homeowner must apply for a Certificate of Occupancy which requires a fee (see latest fee schedule).  Any electrical work done requires a Certificate of Inspection performed by a licensed electrical inspector.

Application for Variances
Application for a variance from the zoning laws may be made to the Zoning Board of Appeals through the Engineering Department, who will make proper notification to nearby property owners and arrange to have the required legal notices inserted in the local newspaper.

The application form can be obtained in the Engineering Department or online on the Engineering Department's Web Page.

Eight copies of the form must be filed together with 8 copies of all supporting documentation including survey or sketch sufficient to describe the relief being sought.   Electronic version (pdf, jpeg, other)  of all documents must be submitted with the application.

Engineering Department
Stanley H. Kellerhouse Municipal Building
One Van Wyck Street, second floor
Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520