Planning Board Minutes 03/23/2010


A regular meeting of the Planning Board of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, New York was held on Tuesday, March 23, 2010 in the Municipal Building.

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Fran Allen, acting as chairperson
                                Mark Aarons
                                Vincent Andrews

ABSENT:                 Chris Kehoe, Chairman
                                Robert Luntz

ALSO PRESENT:           Daniel O'Connor, P.E., Village Engineer

1.  Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 P.M. by Fran Allen, acting as chairperson in Chris Kehoe’s absence.

  • Croton Community Nursery School – Lower North Highland Place (Sec. 67.20 Blk. 2 Lots 5, 6, 9 & 25 [formerly Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 25] – Application for a Preliminary Subdivision Approval
Ms. Allen stated that, at the request of the Applicant, the public hearing on the CCNS application for a preliminary subdivision approval is being adjourned. This item would be put back on the agenda for the next Planning Board meeting to be held on Tuesday, April 13th.  

  • Sky View Rehabilitation and Health Care Center – 1280 Albany Post Road (Sec. 67.18 Blk. 1 Lots 1 & 2) – Application for an Amended Site Plan Approval
Michael Bergen, Superintendent of Maintenance for Sky View, was present.

Mr. Bergen noted to the Planning Board that, at the last meeting of the Village Board, Sky View was granted an amended special permit to construct a sunroom addition and outside patio area at the Sky View facility.  The Applicant is before the Planning Board tonight with an application for an amended site plan approval.  Mr. Bergen said that, with respect to the sewer improvements requested by the Village, Sky View’s consulting engineer Ryan Coyne of Kellard Sessions Consulting and the Village Engineer have been working together on resolving the sewer issue(s) at the Sky View pump station.  

Mr. Aarons referred to condition #1(a) in the Village Board amended special permit resolution regarding the wet well pump-out times. Mr. Aarons noted the lack of specificity in the wording of this condition. The language seemed somewhat “loose” to him.  He was under the impression that the language in the conditions for the granting of the amended special permit would be more specific. The Village Engineer told the board members what would be involved with the wet well pump out time modification stating that this modification is really an adjustment of the wet well floats.  The Village Engineer said that it is not a particularly complicated procedure; Mr. Coyne and he would work it out.  The Village Engineer said that, as it stands now, there is a larger volume of sewage in the wet well. When the sewage “sits,” it goes “septic” and forms odors.  The Village Engineer said that by decreasing the volume that is pumped out at any one time frame, the sewer odors would be reduced.  The Village Engineer said that they do not want to over-cycle the pumps. There is a standard that has to be followed. The specifics could be found in the engineering report submitted by Kellard, the Applicant’s consulting engineer.

The Village Engineer referred to condition #2, which states that the Applicant has six months to complete the remaining sewer improvements recommended by the Planning Board.  The Village Engineer said that this condition (#2) is referring to the injection of bioxide into the sewer force main.  

Mr. Aarons said again that, in so far as the Village Board resolution is concerned, he was expecting more specificity as to what exactly needs to be done, the standards that would have to be followed, time frames involved, etc., to which the Village Engineer responded that he would think that the engineering report prepared by Kellard would have the specifics on the sewer improvements work that Mr. Aarons is looking for. The Village Engineer noted that this is the first time that he (the Village Engineer) has seen the final resolution.  The word “recycling” in condition #1(a) should actually be “cycling.”  The Village Engineer suggested to the Planning Board that he could review these conditions and contact the Village Attorney about any changes/additions to the wording that he deems necessary.  

Mr. Aarons asked if the surety bond had been provided yet, to which the Village Engineer said, “no.”  Ms. Allen questioned who at the Village should check the bond, to which the Village Engineer replied that surety bonds are typically reviewed by engineers. The Village Engineer said that the surety bond should be submitted in an amount acceptable to the Village Engineer and in a form that is acceptable to the Village Attorney. Mr. Aarons said that the Village should factor in a percentage on top of the agreed-upon amount for fluctuations and inflation.  

Ms. Allen said that she would think that the Planning Board could call for the public hearing on the Applicant’s amended site plan.  Ms. Allen said that before holding the public hearing the Planning Board would want to be assured that the comments/concerns expressed tonight pertaining to the conditions of the Village Board resolution are addressed.  The Village Engineer noted to the board that the design plans for the sewer odor control improvements would have to be substantially completed before the Planning Board approves the amended site plan.  Mr. Aarons said that he would think that Sky View would not be able to complete the required sewer work in time to hold the public hearing at the next Planning Board meeting on Tuesday, April 13th.  He would suggest that the Planning Board call the public hearing for the second meeting in April (April 27th).  Mr. Bergen noted to the Planning Board that Sky View is in the process of doing thousands of dollars worth of upgrades to the Village’s sewer equipment (pump station), which is situated on the Sky View property, and Sky View is doing it willingly. He would want to be able to move forward as soon as possible with their proposal for the sunroom/patio.  Mr. Aarons asked the Village Engineer how long it would take for the sewer work to be completed, to which the Village Engineer said that it is hard to say.  It depends on the Applicant’s consulting engineers.  The Village Engineer said that he needs to see the design plans. If Kellard provides him with the plans relatively soon, he could more than likely complete his review by the April 13th meeting.  Mr. Bergen asked that the public hearing be scheduled for April 13th.  Mr. Bergen said that, in the meantime, he would see to it that the sewer project is moving along, the required surety bond is provided, etc., to which Ms. Allen told Mr. Bergen that the Planning Board would schedule the public hearing on April 13th on that basis.  

Ms. Allen told Mr. Bergen that prior to the public hearing the Planning Board would need to see the final plans for the sunroom addition/patio area, to which Mr. Bergen told Ms. Allen that the plans that the Planning Board received back in 2009  have not changed.  There is nothing new to submit.

Ms. Allen asked if there were any further comments, to which there were none.

Ms. Allen entertained a motion to schedule the public hearing on the amended site plan application for Tuesday, April 13th.  The motion was made by Mr. Aarons, seconded by Mr. Andrews and carried by a vote of 3 to 0.
There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was duly adjourned at 8:21 P.M. on a motion by Mr. Aarons, seconded by Mr. Andrews and carried by a vote of 3 to 0.


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