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Board of Trustees Statement Regarding Immigration Practices
Board of Trustees Statement Regarding Immigration Practices

The Village of Croton-on-Hudson Board of Trustees hereby states its policy and practice for protecting the safety of its residents.~While the Croton Police Department is responsible for carrying out the below-stated policy, the Village Board of Trustees fully endorses it on behalf of all Village residents and supports the Croton Police Department in carrying it out.  

The Croton Police Department has not in the past, nor will it, inquire about an individual’s immigration status unless the status is important to a criminal investigation. Enforcement of Federal immigration law is the responsibility of the Federal Government and its various enforcement agencies.  Croton’s Police Department’s practices are designed to promote mutual respect and to maintain an open dialogue with the community.~

The Croton Police Department policy which documents its current and past policy is as follows:

It is the policy of the Croton-on-Hudson Police Department to not inquire about a person’s immigration status, unless the status is important to a criminal investigation.  As municipal police officers, the Department members are not authorized to detain or arrest a person based on their immigration status alone.  The Department will cooperate with immigration authorities on detainers where there is a judicial criminal warrant, or cases where there is probable cause that there are criminal offenses involved, including terrorism offenses.  Department members are not authorized to stop, question, or arrest an individual based on a civil immigration warrant, administrative warrant, or an immigration detainer.  (Note:  Immigration Detainers are not criminal warrants issued by a judge, and may not provide sufficient basis to detain an individual or to prolong the detention of an individual detained for other reasons.)

Persons arrested for a crime are fingerprinted.  The arrested persons fingerprints and information are available to both New York State and Federal authorities.  

The Village Board endorses these practices and directs the Chief to incorporate these practices into the Croton Police Department’s written manual and operating procedures.  Each police officer is to be given a copy of the policy and acknowledge receipt with their signature.

The focus of the Village Board, the Police and employees of our Village is to serve our community.  Further, we pledge to foster open dialogue with all of our residents through outreach efforts.  This will ensure that all of our residents are treated fairly and equally regardless of national origin, race, gender, sex, religion, disability and political viewpoint.
The Village of Croton is an inclusive and welcoming community.  The Village Board and the Croton Police Department will always be committed to protecting innocent, law abiding residents.  The safety and well-being of everyone who lives, works in and visits the Village will always be a priority.  Every person in the Village of Croton on Hudson should feel safe stepping forward if they either have witnessed a crime or been victimized themselves.

The foregoing statement by the Board shall be posted on the Village web site and its other social media outlets in both English and Spanish.