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November 19, 1997
 Village of Croton-on-Hudson, New York

Village Board Minutes - Wednesday, November 19, 1997

A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was called for Wednesday, November 19, 1997 at 7:30 PM in the Village Manager’s office.

Present:        Mayor Elliott                   Trustee Daubney
                Village Manager                 Trustee Grant
                Village Treasurer Campbell      Trustee Rickles
        Village Attorney Waldman        Trustee Watkins

Approval of Vouchers:
Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the vouchers as follows, subject to review by the Audit Committee. The motion was seconded by Trustee Watkins.

General Fund            $   32,577.01
Water Fund                     2,112.32
Capital Fund               100,988.75
Trust & Agency Fund          14,823.46

Telecommunications Tower Law - The Village Attorney reviewed various proposed changes to the Telecommunications Tower Law with the members of the Village Board. The Village Manager was requested to check out the intent of the language in F.2. with the New York State Conference of Mayors. A motion to reschedule the public hearing on the proposed new law to January 5, 1997 was made by Trustee Rickles, seconded by Trustee Daubney and approved by all. The Village Manager was requested to renotice the law as it has been reworked and material changes have been made to the original draft.
Kaufman Property - the proposed memorandum of understanding was discussed by the Board which would provide for the management of the Kaufman Propery by the Saw Mill River Audubon Society. Village Attorney Waldman made some changes to the proposed memorandum of understanding to provide a new paragraph 7 which would provide that “Either party shall be entitled to terminate this agreement upon one year’s written notice to the other. SMRAS’ right to manage the property shall terminate upon the termination of this agreement; and all improvements made to the property by SMRAS shall remain the property of the Village, at no cost to the Village.”  The Village Manager was further requested to:
have the New York Municipal Insurance Reciprocal (NYMIR) to take a look at a concrete cistern which is possible hazard on the property.
talk to Barbara Buske or Joel Klein about the possible historic value of the concrete cistern.
if it is determined that the cistern should be filled in to then get several proposals from outside contractors to do the work.
to revise the agreement to incorporate the change made by the Village Attorney and provide this to Martin Smolin for review by the Board of the SMRAS.

Lot 35 at Westwind Subdivision - Bill Balter met with the Board to discuss his proposal to assist the Village in the construction of housing on the “Affordable” lot known as Lot 35 at Baltic Estates. The proposal is to construct two affordable homes on lot 35 and sell them for $135,000 per house. These homes will be a minimum of 1,800 square feet and will contain 3 bedrooms, 1 and one half baths, no garage an no basement. These would be built without the assistance of any grants and Mr. Balter.’s firm would take all of the construction risk. After discussion of the proposal, the Village Manager was requested to meet with the Croton housing Network to get the process started on subdivision of the lot.
Accessory Apartment Law - The Board reviewed the recommendation of the Village Planning Board not to change the accessory apartment law and, in particular, Section 230-41 which provides that only a residence in existence prior to the date of the adoption of this section could have an accessory apartment. The history of the accessory apartment law in the village was discussed as well. After some discussion of this, the Village Manager was requested to obtain information on the vacant number of residential lots in the Village.
The Village Manager discussed the need to replace two vehicles which are no longer operable. In particular, he stressed the need for a vehicle for the Parking Enforcement Officer who utilizes a vehicle eight hours a day five days a week. The Village Manager was requested to get specific information on the cost of a compact vehicle from the New York State contract.
The Village Manager also reviewed his concern to begin immediately to recruit for the replacement of the Village Treasurer who is retiring on March 12, 1997. A discussion followed as to the language for the advertisement for this position and the Village Manager was requested to include that the ideal candidate should be able to function as the Deputy Village Manager.

Respectfully Submitted

Richard F. Herbek
Village Manager/ Clerk