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December 1, 1997
A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, NY was held on Monday, December 1, 1997 at the Municipal Building, Van Wyck Street, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520.

The following officials were present:

        Mayor Elliott                           Trustee Daubney
Village Manager Herbek          Trustee Grant
        Village Attorney Waldman                Trustee Rickles
        Village Treasurer Campbell      Trustee Watkins


        Mayor Elliott called the meeting to order at 8:10 p.m.  Everyone joined in the  Pledge of Allegiance.


Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held on November 17, 1997 as corrected.  Trustee Daubney seconded the motion; approved by all.

Trustee Rickles made a motion to approve the minutes of the Special Board meeting held on November 19, 1997 as corrected.  Trustee Grant seconded the motion; approved unanimously.


Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the vouchers as follows, subject to review by the Audit Committee.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Rickles and approved unanimously.

                General Fund                    $17,732.52
                Water Fund                                  1,599.62
                Capital Accounts                          38,772.48

        Village Manager Herbek read the following correspondence (full text available   at the Village Office):

A letter from Diane Rainey, Media One, giving information about programming additions and price increases effective January 1, 1998.  Trustee Watkins asked if there was any way to hold to a flat fee for a period of time.  Trustee Grant questioned if the recently signed contract stated that rates would not got up.  Village Manager Herbek replied that he would look at the files.  Mayor Elliott stated that he understood that the Village has no control over rates if they are raised within a certain limit and he believes that  this is an increase of channel access, this reflects in the rate increase as additional service.

A letter from Lieut. John W. Doran stating that he would be retiring from the Croton Police Department effective December 20, 1997.

A letter from Claire E. Cronin, 110 Upper North Highland Place, regarding construction for River Landing, asking that the approved site plan be revisited.  Ms. Cronin listed 6 issues that she would like addressed.  Mayor Elliott stated that he would ask the Engineering office to see if these issues were addressed at the time of approval.  Trustee Grant asked also that the Police Chief look at the area to see if perhaps things have changed since the initial approval.

A letter from Lannie and Louie Yu, 2 Warren Road, objecting to the construction of the Sprint Cellular Tower in the community.

A letter from William E. Burton, Supervisor, Town of Ossining, regarding the possible acquisition of the “Santana” property in the town of Ossining for use in conjunction with the adjacent Armory property as a Joint Operations Center.

A letter from Kenneth Gunshor, Attorney for Metro Enviro LLC, requesting issuance of a special permit, urging the Board consider the longest time frame for such a special permit or perhaps removal of any time limitations and allowing the special permit to run with the land rather than the individual.  Trustee Watkins stated that the letter takes the position SEQRA need not be invoked.  Trustee Rickles stated that Mr. Gunshor is incorrect, that this is a SEQUA action because of changes made, even if the changes were for improvements.  Village Attorney Waldman added that in page 26, it is indicated that this is a transfer of ownership, however, this is incorrect as the old Special Use Permit has expired and also renewal implies that the same applicant is applying for the permit, which is not the case.  Trustee Rickles added that the prior special permit stated that it was not transferable.  It was unanimously agreed that a new Special Permit was required.  Trustee Grant made a motion to set the Public Hearing date on this Special Permit application for December 15, 1997.  Trustee Watkins seconded the motion; approved unanimously.  It was determined that the applicant should furnish the following information:
environmental  concerns on leachate drainage system
potential airborne particles that may be emitted.
the railroad siding that was proposed, but not completed.

Joe and Marion Gallo stated that they are attending Village Board meetings, School Board meetings and have contacted the Police Department regarding widespread substance abuse by Croton young people; they asked for help to deal with the situation.  Ms. Gallo added that a communication channel  is missing to let people know what to do if a drug situation occurs.  Mayor Elliott replied that a few years ago parents and the community were brought together to address this same issue and that a regeneration of ideas may work toward addressing current concerns; he added that the Village Board will be meeting with the School Board on this matter.  Mayor Elliott added that anyone could call 271-5177 and speak with Detective Tramaglini who will sit down and discuss individual situations.  Mr. & Mrs. Gallo stated that they did speak with him and he was responsive, however, they feel the police do not seem to know the extent of substance abuse.  Trustee Rickles stated that this may be the time for the Teen Council to bring the whole community together to talk this out.

Kerry Andrews stated that she had respect for the Gallos for bringing this out into the open; that after school is the time when kids get involved; teachers need encouragement and training to let parents know of a situation; the Village needs more than the DARE program.

Gail Sasso stated that less than a year ago, a meeting was convened to look into substance abuse for older kids; that the community doesn’t have to begin again, the infrastructure is in place; what is needed is more participation from adults; the Youth Council’s phone number is 271-0944.

Joe DeGenona stated that a number of parents with young children also feel the impact of this issue; he recommended finding out just how big the problem is; perhaps a survey that can be anonymously replied to in order to get a fix on the problem; research on the DARE program has shown it does not have the long-term impact that was expected.  Mayor Elliot replied that the DARE officer has made adjustments to the program and there is a lot more that needs to be done.  Trustee Rickles added that it is the perception of the substance abuse that really matters.  Trustee Watkins stated that the recognition of the problem is not just in this Village, but the community must deal with it in a constructive manner.

Sarah Hartman stated that she had a personal situation and that parents do not understand the extent of the problem; support of other parents is needed; that those who do not act and come forward or those who hide or give shelter to kids in trouble are not helping to remedy the problem.

Joe Bencivenga stated that this talk raises the question of the police going out to find the problem before waiting for citizens to come forth; that law enforcement must make it difficult to deal in drugs.  Mayor Elliott replied that he has asked the Police Dept. what they have currently done; they replied that they have been  addressing the situation and there have been additional arrests made.

Maureen Cooney stated that it is the perception among kids and parents that enough is not being done.  Mayor Elliott stated that a meeting would be scheduled; he will have the date announced and there will be an agenda; Gail Sasso will need help in setting this up.

Heidi Kunz stated that what she heard tonight was that there is an immediate problem and parents want more police presence now for immediate results.

Debra Yurchuk-McCarthy proposed that the Board charge a specific group with overseeing handling of the problem and set up a number that is not taped to encourage calls.

Robin Schwamb asked that patrol cars be increased around schools at lunchtime and after school and in the parks.  Trustee Watkins replied that in a meeting with the police, they agreed to patrols and have put them into effect and are willing to work with residents toward a solution.

Gareth Hougham referred to a letter from the site director of the Van Cortland Manor regarding increased motor boats and jet skis which will have a negative impact on the environment of the Croton River; he submitted photos of jet skis on the river and requested that the proposed ramp be designated as a canoe or kayak launch ramp.

John Harbeson stated that  1)he agrees with a substance abuse survey through the Teen Council and agrees that police presence is vital. 2) he applauds the Village Board for taking the initiative regarding monopoles. 3) budget season will soon be around and there is merit in considering a zero-based budget which forces priorities that will show that the Village is getting its best for the cost.

Trustee Daubney made a motion to approve the following resolution, seconded by Trustee Grant; approved unanimously.

RESOLVED: that a public hearing is hereby called for Monday, January 5, 1998, 8:00 p.m. on Local Law Introductory #5 of 1997 to regulate telecommunications towers.     

b.      Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the following resolution; seconded by Trustee Daubney.

RESOLVED: a public hearing is hereby called for Monday, December 15, 1997 on Local Law Introductory #7 of 1997, amending Chapter 50 of the Village code.

Discussion:  the negative declaration is only on the law, not the placement of towers.

Vote was taken with all voting “aye”.

Trustee Daubney made a motion to approve the following resolution.  No   second.

BE IT RESOLVED: the Treasurer is hereby authorized to make the following budget modification:

TRANSFER FROM:          1-1-1990.0400 Contingent Acct           

TRANFER TO:     1-1-1-1-5650.0200 Off Street Parking, Equipment $14,720.00

This transfer is for the purchase of a vehicle for the Parking Enforcement Officer.

Discussion:  Trustee Watkins suggested purchasing a car at a substantial lower price; will look at additional information before voting on resolution.  Trustee Daubney stated that he spoke with Martin Garipey who stated that it is more economical to have two vehicles of the same type in order to have inter-changeable parts over a 10-year period.  Trustee Rickles stated that he would like more discussion on the purchase of this vehicle; he agrees the current car will have to be taken off the road in the near future, but will there not be a vehicle available from the fleet that can be used.  Trustee Grant stated that she is vehemently opposed to purchasing another vehicle; needs more discussion on this.  Motion was not voted on.

Resolution was not presented.
1) Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the following resolution.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Rickles, approved unanimously.

The Treasurer is hereby authorized to make the following budget modification:

From Acct: 1-34109.0230, FireHouse    To Acct:: 1-3410.0200, Equipment  $1,400.00

(for replacement of one air bag and reliefs which failed during testing.

2) Trustee Daubney made a motion to approve the following resolution.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Grant, approved unanimously.

The Treasurer is hereby authorized to make the following budget modification:

From Acct: 3-1110-2080 Road Improvement 1996-1997
To Acct:        3-5110-2005 Road Improvements 1997-1998         $2,695.30

3) Trustee Rickles made a motion to approve the following resolution.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Grant, approved unanimously.

The Treasurer is hereby authorized to make the following budget modifications for the Village’s fiscal year June 1, 1996-May 31, 1997:

Transfer From                           Transfer to:
1-9040-800 Workmen’s Compensation       1-9010-800 State Retirement             $42,900.73
1-9040-800 Workmen’s Compensation       1-9015-800 Fire & Police Retirement     $  3,869.57
1-9040-800 Workmen’s Compensation       1-1650-450 Central Communications       $    981.56

7.  REPORTS:    

Village Manager Herbek did an update on previous  correspondence from BBMS Transportation who is applying for an Ambulance Certification as a Basic Life Service for non-emergency transports; he included a letter from the Croton Caring Committee  who are in favor of their services for use in the Village and a letter from the Croton Volunteer Fire Dept. who suggest not sending a letter of recommendation.  Mayor Elliott suggested taking with the Fire Chief and Nursing Home personnel to see why they responded as they did.  Trustee Rickles added that  BBMS should provide statistics why they feel this service is needed.

Village Manager Herbek distributed a letter from David, L. Snyder, Snyder & Snyder Law Offices which states that Sprint agrees to establish an escrow fund in the total amount of $2,500 in connection with the application for a special permit to construct a public utility facility.  Village Manager Herbek added that he expects costs will run more than $2,500.  Trustee Watkins suggested a letter be sent to Sprint indicating that this amount will be insufficient.

Village Manager Herbek reported that he had a meeting with Bob Hoffman, Mike Sullivan, Kary Ioannou, Ken Kraft and Dick Campbell and they have launched the beginning work on the parking lot project; shooting for a 30% design completion by mid January and 100% completed by the end of March; would like to go out to bid in April or May.  They were successful in having all changes incorporated in the revised Coastal Assessment Form for the Greenway Vision Plan.  Two signed contracts have been received from the two taxi companies.

Village Treasurer Campbell reported on the Community Garden project that he received a call that they could not come up with the number of students needed to make this successful so the project is currently on hold.

Trustee Watkins reported that the red ribbons worn today indicate  today is AIDS Awareness Day;  there will be a program at the High School tomorrow at 10 a.m.

Trustee Rickles: 1) reported that he would like a zero percent tax increase and asked that Department Heads keep this in mind; critical services should not be diminished, but they should look at other areas so that this can be achieved.  2)  work session will include discussion on sidewalks. 3) asked if the unprotected areas at the Golf Course addressed in recent correspondence has been looked at by the Village Engineer; Treasurer Campbell replied that he believes he has gone out and has addressed this to the chair of the Arboretum.  4) regarding an open site on the Kaufman property, Village Manager Herbek replied that he would get to this as soon as possible.

Trustee Daubney reported that the Leo’s (youth group offshoot of the Lion’s Club) assisted the Lion’s Club in unloading trees this past weekend starting early Sunday morning and stayed with it about 3 hours; he believes if a lot is expected of kids, one will get more out of them.

Trustee Grant reported that she got a call from a minimum water user and asked if next bill will reflect usage?  Treasurer Campbell replied that next bill will reflect actual usage, not the minimum charge to correct the two month billing.  Trustee Grant noted that in signing vouchers recently, the Village shared the cost of insurance for the leaf blower with Briarcliff paying the other half; this is a good benefit of sharing of services.

Mayor Elliott thanked Gail Sasso and members of the School Board and Sam and Bonnie Watkins for raising the consciousness of the Village.  Mayor Elliott also asked Treasurer Campbell to look into resurrecting the Garden Club.

Trustee Daubney made a motion to adjourn.  Seconded by Trustee Rickles, approved unanimously.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:25 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Phyllis A. Bradbury, Secretary

Village Clerk/Acting Clerk.

Corrections to the minutes of the meeting of November 17, 1997:

Page 1: last paragraph,  6th sentence:  change Mr. Rickles to Mr. Karas.

Page 2: 1st paragraph, last sentence should read:
        …work  unspent in fiscal year 1996-97, and perhaps a percentage…..etc.

Page 3: 5th paragraph: change “A resident” to Ms. Doherty

Corrections to the minutes of the meeting of  Wednesday, November 19, 1997:

Page 1, #2, 4th line: add:  to reschedule the public hearing  to January 5, 1998