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June 1, 1998
A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Village of Croton-on-Hudson, NY was held on Monday, June 1, 1998 at the Municipal Building, Van Wyck Street, Croton-on-Hudson, NY 10520.

The following officials were present:

        Mayor Elliott                           Trustee Daubney
Village Manager Herbek          Trustee Grant
        Village Attorney Waldman                Trustee McCarthy
        Treasurer Reardon                       Trustee Watkins


        Mayor Elliott called the meeting to order at 8:05 p.m.  Everyone joined in the  Pledge of Allegiance.


Motion was made by Trustee Grant to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting held on May 4, 1998 as corrected.  Trustee Daubney seconded the motion; approved unanimously.

Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the minutes of the meeting of Monday, May 18, 1998 as corrected.  Trustee Watkins seconded the motion.  Vote was taken with all voting “aye”.


Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the vouchers as follows, subject to review by the Audit Committee.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Daubney and approved unanimously.

                General Fund    $ 458,674.71
                Water Fund         3,655.42                                             Capital Accounts                7,833.09
                Trust & Agency                  778.18                                       


Village Manager Herbek read the following correspondence (full text available at the Village Office):

A letter from Janet M. Delohery, Hastings Avenue asking for permission to close Hastings Avenue between Oneida Avenue and Benedict Boulevard on Saturday, July 4, 1998 to hold a block party.

Trustee Daubney made a motion to approve the request, subject to the usual conditions.  The motion was seconded by Trustee Grant, approved unanimously.

A letter from Kathleen Geradi, Croton-Harmon Schools, announcing the results of the recent Board of Education election.

A letter from Maria Modica-Snow representing Beth Frances Motors, Inc., with a “Mission Statement” prepared by Beth Cox, owner of the business.  Mayor Elliott asked that this be referred to the Planning Board and the Zoning Board.  Trustee Watkins asked to have clarified if she is planning on storing up to 20 cars on the property.  Mayor Elliott replied that it does appear so by her letter.  He added that this business seems to be going in the opposite direction of what the Planning and Zoning Boards had suggested for this area, but will be guided by what the Board wants to do above and beyond what the Planning and Zoning Boards recommend.  Trustee Grant added that the problem is that she is currently operating under customary home use which must be clarified.  Trustee Grant added that she would have to think this through very carefully before voting on any rezoning.  Village Manager Herbek added that there is a NYS inspection sign on the building and a used car sign.  Trustee Grant asked if this is in non-conformance.  Village Attorney Waldman replied that this is not what customary home use is and if cars are being sold out of this business, the Internet use referred to in the letter is just a means of advertising.  Trustee McCarthy said that she would like an inquiry made to find out what the sign is doing there and if the company is doing inspection of vehicles.


Michael Goetz asked if anyone knew what a truck is doing at the recycling facility on a Sunday.  Village Manager Herbek replied that he has received a police report which indicates James Apollonio was doing repair work on brakes on an 18 wheel trailer and washing the truck on Metro-Enviro property ; he added that this is not in accordance with provisions of the special permit and a letter is going out tomorrow to Paul Apollonio, the owner, referencing the permitted hours of operation and activities permitted. Michael Goetz suggested putting up a surveillance camera in that location, with the signal sent to either Mr. Herbek’s office or the police department; he has prices of such equipment.  Mayor Elliott stated that he would refer this to the Police Chief for legality.   Trustee Grant mentioned that in conversation she had with the owner and Mr. Zarin, there was an expression of dismay on their part because they view  the presence of people and police cars as a form of harassment; the Police Chief has instructed personnel how to operate in relation to their observations.   Mr. Goetz stated that they have been in operation only a few weeks and already have a violation; it seems they are trying to see how far they can push the Village.  Mr. Goetz suggested the Village form a citizen’s watchdog group and he volunteers to be one of the observers.  Trustee Grant stated that the Village expects no violations.  Mayor Elliott asked Mr. Goetz to commit some time toward a watchdog group; he has a number of volunteers already and a training session is planned; this is to supplement what the Village is doing.  Trustee McCarthy stated that she has suggested that the Village should hire a full time person to monitor the operation but has not been getting very enthusiastic response from her colleagues; she thinks if the Village is really going to address this, someone should be hired who has training in this area.  She added that the volunteer group would be fine as a supplement to the full time employee.  Michael Goetz asked why Board Members are not in favor of this suggestion.  Trustee Grant replied that in her experience, a full time paid person will form a relationship with the owners; particularly in this kind of operation; the monitor will have coffee, play cards off time and get very lax; she is not convinced that the way to go is to have a full time paid person who would spend all day on the premises and form a friendship with them.  Michael Goetz stated that it is his opinion that the full time person would not be sitting there all day just watching trucks load and unload; he/she would go there perhaps once every hour, do an inspection, do something else for the Village and then go back in another hour.  He added that the same person or persons would have to work on Saturday and Sunday and off-hours to check for different time.  Mr. Goetz said also that the Village Board should not take a “wait and see” attitude,  but should act on this immediately.  Trustee McCarthy stated that in a year, the Board will be asked to rule on whether an increase in tonnage should be permitted.  She added that she would like to talk to the consultant about these issues and she believes that the Village is not proceeding fast enough.  Trustee McCarthy added that she understands that the truck in question was full and that there were two or three people down there; she wants to know if they were storing materials down there and also wants more of an explanation.  Mr. Goetz said that when he was down there walking with his daughter, the gate was locked, there was a pick-up truck with a canopy in the back and it is his opinion that there had to be more than one person down there.

Mr. Goetz, on a different subject, said that he was told there was a major problem with the Croton water supply; that the pump at the Golf Course was put in too close to wells on Rt. 129; he has spoken to people in the Village who said that when the Golf Course pump goes on, it brings up a lot of deep sediment and bacteria that the system is not prepared to deal with and also that the Village is considering putting Bromide into the water supply.  Village Manager Herbek replied that the golf course has a couple of wells that they installed on their property; however, the Village’s Well #4 was constructed as result of a report from Geraghty and Miller dated August 1988 which is a Report on the Availability of Ground Water Resources at the Croton on Hudson Well Field.  He added that there were four recommendations; the first being the two upper wells should be taken out of service and replaced with one deep large-diameter production well; the Board followed the recommendations in this report and a well was drilled in 1991; construction was completed on the well and pump house in 1993.  Village Manager Herbek stated that this well would have been installed whether or not Hudson National was ever built; however, Hudson National was required, as part of their site plan approval, to contribute money toward the construction of this well; they contributed $315,000 because there was not water supply to Hudson National.  Mr. Herbek said that anyone is welcome to come in to his office and look at the testing reports; within the last couple of years, the Village has had a “dirty water” problem in the Harmon section due primarily to the high pressure on the pump of Well #4; the hammer type of action/surge was created when the pump was put on line and that had the effect of loosening up of mineral deposits within the inside of water mains; water tests revealed a high level of manganese and the well is close to bedrock; work is being done to take a stage off the pump to make it less powerful and they will be trimming the impeller at the pump; regarding the high manganese levels, they are installing a timer on the electrical panel that will blow off the initial water for 40 seconds as recommended by the consultant and Tom Ferguson.  He added the Village is very fortunate to have aquifer water from deep wells; the water is very safe to drink, is tested regularly; however, all water systems require adjustments from time to time.  Michael Goetz stated that this was a large concern for him, even if he did receive misinformation and is glad to hear that there is no problem with the water supply, but asked if Bromide is to be added.  Village Manager Herbek replied that he is not aware of the addition of Bromide being considered.  Mayor Elliott added that if anyone has a question or concern about something they hear, please pick up a phone and call the Village Office and ask for an explanation.

Mr. Goetz continued, that in Silver Lake there is a large amount of woodchips being stored that are causing a parking problem on weekends and asked when these will be removed.  Village Manager Herbek replied that the Village trucked these woodchips to the area in anticipation of a trail project getting off the ground to rebuild the trail from Silver Lake to Cleveland Drive; the Village has received a $46,000 grant; the project was put out to bid, but bids came in too high; work is still being done on getting the project started.  

Trustee Grant stated that Mr. Goetz did the proper thing and called her at home on Sunday evening regarding his concerns about the water supply;  she turned it over to Mr. Herbek, who did his homework and was able to give this report.  Trustee McCarthy added that Mr. Goetz also called her at home and she passed the information on to Mr. Herbek today.

Dan Dashman stated there are two theories on how to properly enforce an operation like MetroEnviro: 1) paying someone for 168 hours a week to watch trucks load and unload which would be 45 to 50 thousand dollars a year or 2) have informed, educated citizens who have the right to enter that sight at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which puts them into the situation when the proprietor will never know when someone is observing the operation.  He added that with the Half Moon Bay Bridge, inspection can be done for the entire site at any time.  He said that his second plan does not cost the Village $45 to $50,000 per year.  Mr. Dashman said also that he is working with Seth Davis on the check list and on the bullet list that was asked for two weeks ago; he has been promised by Mr. Apollonio and Mr. Zarin that he will have shortly, the final, completed copy of the O & M and would like a copy of the special permit from Mr. Herbek.  Mr. Dashman added that the truck in question was still there today; there were two rear tires that were flat and Corsi Tires was there doing repairs and he has been ensured that the repairs will be done today and the truck will be out of there.  Mr. Dashman stated that there also was a big caterpillar on site, which broke down, and a second was brought in; the first one is being worked on and should be back in operation hopefully the next day.  He added that they are not using any of the space for excess materials; nothing is being stored there at all.  Mr. Dashman added that since they have been in operation, they have not come close to the first day of operation when they took in about 200 tons of material; they have been averaging 75-80 tons a day; the average material going back out is 75-80 tons a day; site operation is going on; the community is very capable of doing the monitoring without the Village spending the additional money for salaries.  Mr. Dashman stated that they will be making a record/log and checklist; at the end of the year, this can be consulted if the operation requests an additional amount of material to be handled and it can be consulted to determine if there were a number of violations; decisions can be made at the end of the year, if the Village wishes to allow the operation to continue, but there will be records kept to assist in making these decisions.

Trustee McCarthy stated that the citizens’ review is fine, but she has concerns about there being systematic coverage to be relatively certain to pick up most services that may be going on to the extent that the current reviews are sporadic with no systematic approach to it.

Dan Dashman replied that he understood, but the Board needs to know that they are now putting together all the material they need on this and are now getting organized; they are not waiting; just because MetroEnviro doesn’t know when the inspections are, that doesn’t mean that the committee doesn’t know.

Trustee McCarthy stated that knowing people who are involved in construction, their concern is that the citizens’ committee are not trained to pick up everything; but they can supplement the full time person.  She added that she does not agree with the statement that it will raise taxes, that there are ways to impose charges and fees on this operation that will cover this additional expense.  Mr. Dashman replied that the first person that should be trained should be the Village Engineer as he has the background, education and the “eye” for this.  Trustee McCarthy added that she is not sure the Village Engineer has the time to give the kind of attention that should be given to this inspection.

Village Manager Herbek stated that he, Ken Kraft, the Village Engineer, the Village Code Enforcement, and the Police Dept. have been down there every day.

Mayor Elliott stated that nobody has dismissed the idea of hiring a person to do this; meanwhile, between the Board and Administration, this operation is being well monitored very closely.

Trustee Watkins asked if the citizens’ committee has been in touch with Mike Lee because it was agreed that his input would be helpful in advising where this monitoring could be taken.  Mr. Dashman replied that they are not at that point yet, but will do so as soon as the information is ready and right; that they do not want to pay for work that can be done by the committee; when they know that it is right, they will go to him and ask where they go from there.  Trustee Watkins added that because of Mike Lee’s expertise in this area, he should be asked if a full time or part time employee would be helpful or necessary.  Trustee McCarthy stated that she would like the consultant to come in and speak to the Board; she has concerns about the gathering of information being done in the proper form.  Dan Dashman replied that he has been involved in enough pieces of litigation that it becomes a problem if there is not enough paper trail.  Trustee Daubney asked if there is a timetable as to when Mr. Dashman feels the information will be ready so that the Board could get a feel of what exactly is going on.  Mr. Dashman replied that he hopes to have something by the beginning of next week and he will be talking to Mike Lee then.  Trustee McCarthy stated that it would be of benefit to the Board to be included in the discussion so the Board knows how the citizens’ committee got to where they are; part of the problem is that she doesn’t think that the Board has been there every step of the way and it is important that the Board be there every step of the way.  Trustee Watkins said that the Board is a policy-making group, not that they should not be involved, but let the committee do their appointed tasks; let Seth and the committee meet,  and let them do their job.  Mr. Dashman replied that grunt work needs to be done by the committee, not the Board; the Board could take his notes and all the information and check them, but he doesn’t think this would be a proper use of the Board’s time.

Ed Benini, Upper North Highland Place, stated that there are children and older people that use his street and stated that the chains are up to prevent traffic, but the construction trucks come barreling down and why are they allowed to go through the chain?  Village Manager Herbek replied that the trucks that cannot make the turn on Upper North Highland Place are able to go through the chain; a gate on private property which will ultimately be dedicated to the Village will soon replace the chain.  Mr. Benini asked if the chains could be down just during work periods.  Mayor Elliott replied that residents on the other side have said the same thing. Trustee Watkins added that the Board is trying to follow the recommendations of the Planning Board in this area; it is not a simple solution; complaints have been made by others; there are concerns about the lower end also and concerns by people on the upper end.  Mayor Elliott added that the Planning Board reduced the density to preserve as much open space as possible and all concerns were valid.  Trustee Grant added that she followed a cement truck and other construction trucks in front of it that were coming from the south end of N. Highland and they are getting as many construction trucks as the north end.  Trustee Daubney added that N. Highland from both ends is a very narrow road with no sidewalks; at first there were boulders at one end and all traffic was going in at the south end; however, the decision was made by the Planning Board in 1991 and people who bought houses know where the entrance would be.  He added that it is his opinion that vehicles will exit the south end much faster than the north end and this convinced him that the Planning Board made the correct decision.

Ms. Jen Benini stated that this construction has destroyed the quality of life on her street; she was told by construction people that the chain would be down during construction hours, but this was changed; she added that she would welcome police on this street 24 hours a day.  Ms. Benini added that on the site plan, the greenway between the chains was changed to macadam, which proves site plans can be changed.  Trustee Herbek replied that the site plan suggested, not stated, that green pavers be used.  

Carol Mann, 26 Amber Dr., Scenic Ridge Town Houses, stated that in the past two months, she has received two letters informing her of a problem with her water; she pays two water bills and has a private company for a filter; she does not have the same water as the rest of the Village.  Village Manager Herbek replied that the Village is obligated to include that notice with water bills and it went to all users of the Cortlandt Consolidated Water District which is where her water comes from.  He added that the Village is working on extending the Village water system to Scenic Ridge.

Ms. Mann asked, if there was no authority placed in the hands of the inspectors, why would Metro Enviro comply with their wishes?  There has to be somebody  who has the job to do all the check points that were stated in the report that was put out.  Village Manager Herbek replied that the Citizens’ Committee would be the extra eyes and extra people, in addition to Village employees who would be going down there on a regular and consistent basis, the members of the citizens’ committee would not issue violations; this would be done through the Village Engineer’s Office, but the information would come from the committee.
John Giglio asked how many violations would Metro Enviro be allowed before action is taken?  Village Manager Herbek replied that the terms of the Special Permit state that after notice, the applicant has 5 days to cure the violation, if the violation is not corrected, a stop work order will be issued; no operations will be allowed to be conducted and a hearing will be held by the Board of Trustees within 30 days.  Mr. Herbek stated that a letter will cover the notice of violation.  Trustee Grant added that a violation becomes part of the record.  Mr. Giglio asked if there is anything in the O & M to detail how material is handled and he believes material is piling up.  Trustee McCarthy replied that Mr. Apollonio said metal pieces will be ground up and this is exactly what is being done.  Mr. Giglio added that he noted at 5:00 PM, the operation was shut down, but that two trucks with material were still on the site.  Trustee McCarthy stated that she has concerns about trucks with material coming in late and held over on Sunday and overnight.


Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the resolution urging Governor Pataki and the NYS Legislature to include the Estuary Management Program as a permanent category in the state budget.  Trustee McCarthy seconded the motion.  Vote was unanimous in favor.

Trustee Grant made a motion to approve the following resolution; seconded by Trustee Daubney.  All voted “aye”.

RESOLVED: that the Village Manager is hereby authorized to sign the attached Intermunicipal Agreement with Westchester County for the operation of the enhanced 911 system for the five year term commencing July 11, 1998 and terminating July 10, 2003.

Trustee Daubney made a motion to approve the following resolution; seconded by Trustee Grant.

RESOLVED: that the Village Manager is hereby authorized to sign the proposal with Frederick P. Clark Associates, Inc. to provide professional planning consulting services to assist the Village with the possible modification of its signage regulations in accordance with David Stolman’s letter of Man 20, 1998 and Frederick P. Clark Associates to be paid on an hourly rate basis plus expenses with a proposed budget of $4,000.00 for this project.

Discussion:  Trustee McCarthy asked what type of issue brought this about.  Village Manager Herbek replied that this has been on the calendar of the Planning Board more than two years; they are at the point where they would like to bring this to a close and need some professional assistance to look at the regulations of the Village Code with respect to signage and made recommendations for changes.

        Vote was taken with all voting “aye”.

Trustee Watkins made a motion to approve the following resolution. Trustee Grant seconded the motion.

RESOLVED: that the Village Manager is hereby authorized to sign the attached agreement between the Village of Croton on Hudson and the Croton Sailing School, Inc. for the continuation of the lease between the Village and the Sailing School for the period between May 1, 1998 to April 30, 2008, subject to the attached terms and conditions.

Discussion:  Trustee McCarthy stated that she went through the contract in great amount of detail and feels some more work needs to be done in drafting the applicable language that would govern this agreement and tightening up of changes and doesn’t think it should be voted on tonight.  Trustee Grant replied that this is the first she has heard of these changes and would like Village Attorney Waldman to be consulted.  Village Attorney Waldman replied that he was aware of two changes: 1) has to do with the address to which notices are to be given; he has no problem with this; and 2) indemnification.  Mr. Waldman stated that he believes paragraph 6 of the agreement does what Trustee McCarthy wanted.

Trustee McCarthy added that she had a number of issues and does not want to vote tonight.  Trustee McCarthy stated that she would like to reconsider the terms of the agreement with changes that will be going on in the area; the fee structure; there is no Rider A attached to the contract; possible contract of shorter duration; the new operation would include fishing excursions; and perhaps a two year agreement.

Mayor Elliott stated that a number of things can be concluded tonight, i.e.: not vote on this tonight, vote on the contract subject to taking suggestions and have the Village Attorney work it out with Mr. Jennings or vote on the contract as it is right now.

Trustee Daubney stated that he did not like the 10 year clause even if there is a cancellation clause; however, when it comes up for renewal, it receives better scrutiny; Mr. Jennings has made a large initial investment which he needed and got the insurance under the original 10 year contract, but it is not as critical for him as it is for the Board to have another 10 year agreement; the contract should be a shorter period of time; the Board should scrutinize among themselves as a group.  Trustee McCarthy stated that she expressed concern at a work session with Mr. Jennings present and was told the Village and Mr. Waldman were going to work on it; she is taking the position that it is not acceptable and no one should vote on it until the final language is worked out.

Trustee Grant stated that the agreement has been in operation very successfully for 10 years; it may be time to take a look at it, but believes the proof is in the pudding and she has seen how the Croton Sailing School has operated for ten years; if the Board wants to take a few weeks to reword it, in fairness to Mr. Jennings and Village, it should be addressed fairly quickly.

Trustee McCarthy stated that she has said that she was concerned that there was not an attempt on the part of the Village to look at other alternatives; to send it out to bid and no one seems to be interested in pursuing this.  Trustee Grant replied that she is not in favor of putting it out to bid for other people because it is Mr. Jennings invention; he has done a wonderful job for the Village; he started the operation and it would be like stealing his patent; his business is a proven entity; he has done a wonderful job; he has a presence in Senasqua Park that is second to none that have been down there; he has respect of the people that use the place and there is a great value to that.  Mayor Elliott added that bidding should go to comparable operations, but there are no other comparable sailing schools.  Trustee Grant asked why Trustee McCarthy wanted to go out to bid.  Trustee McCarthy replied that she is not sure that this agreement is the best that the Board can get for the Village; there has not been an effort to look at alternatives.  Trustee Watkins replied that there were two alternative operations which were both community based sailing schools and nothing of the caliber that this particular entity is; however, he is in favor of looking at possible changes to the agreement.  Trustee Watkins added that Trustee McCarthy’s comments should be taken under advisement by Village Attorney Waldman and he should give a recommendation; however, from the context of this basic agreement this has been properly handled, it is a credit to the community, it is something the Village should be proud of and thankful to have; he doesn’t feel the Board should look into other possibilities to make a few dollars more when the Village has a citizen who runs a good program such as this; he is in favor of a 10 year level because of the commitment Mr. Jennings is going to have to continue to make.  Trustee McCarthy asked if Trustee Watkins would be in favor of putting into the agreement, something to the effect, if the Board feels there is some adverse effect and at their sole discretion they feel this operation should not be engaged in, the Board can say he cannot engage in it any more.  Mayor Elliott stated that he believes it is already covered in the agreement, that the Board can void the contract.  Trustee McCarthy added that the only reason to void is for municipal purpose.

Trustee Watkins agreed to withdraw his motion with the agreement that something is done reasonably quickly .  Trustee Grant added that it is difficult to put a monetary value on the good image the Sailing School has given to Croton; his presence there and the first class operation is a credit to Croton.  Trustee McCarthy added that this is factored into the whole equation in the process one goes through in making a determination.  Trustee Grant stated that it is the intention to work out the wording and bring it up for a vote at the next Board Meeting.  The motion was withdrawn.


Village Manager Herbek reported that the Summerfest parade is this Sunday; the Board’s lineup will be at the five corners area at 12:45 PM.  He also provided a periodic update report to the Board, consisting of 20 items and he added that he would like to talk about aspects of this before next work session.  Village Manager Herbek added that there will be two items on the agenda for the work session; building signs at the ShopRite and goals and objects for the fiscal year.

Trustee Watkins reported that work has begun on the mural on the Albert property by the parking lot.  He reported also that on June 14th, at Croton Point Park, Croton-Cortlandt Center for the Arts will be presenting an art show.

Trustee McCarthy reported that on June 2nd, there will be a joint meeting of the Village Board and the School Board in Ms. Castro’s office at 8 PM.  Trustee McCarthy reported that at the work session on May 27th, discussion was on the Yacht Club’s request to lease additional property; also a brief discussion on MetroEnviro; and some discussion of the joint meeting.

Trustee Daubney offered congratulations to the Police Dept. for their recent undercover work that culminated in arrests that had been of ongoing concern in the Village for quite a while; the work was done in conjunction with the State and County Police.

Trustee Grant reported on the Planning Board activity; that they received a proposal for a large retail establishment on the “McDonald” property.  She added that the Planning Board raised many issues and appropriate concerns about the proposal and sent the presenter back to the principals.  Trustee Grant also reported that the Planning Board also received a proposal for an expansion of Gold’s Gym (NY Sports) which would be a shifting of some of the retail stores currently there now; she added that the Planning Board will be looking at this and the signs that are being proposed, the additional traffic, the appearance of the building and she added that they are doing a very thorough job.  Trustee Grant stated that the preliminary discussion of the amended site plan for MetroEnviro will be on the next Planning Board agenda.  Trustee Grant added that she wanted to ensure everyone that no one on the Board is backing down in the least from the commitment to see that MetroEnviro meets all conditions set forth in their approval; MetroEnviro is well aware that they will be watched carefully; no one is fearful; tough decisions were made and the Board will see that the very best happens for the community; the Police, the committee and the Board will be on top of this situation.

Mayor Elliott reminded everyone that Gordy Sheer will be making a special trip back from school to lead the parade; other participants in the Olympics are also expected.

Mayor Elliott, regarding the investigation Trustee Daubney referred to, stated that the Police Department did an exceptional job under very difficult circumstances, the investigation went on a long time, questions were raised in the community which could not be responded to because of the ongoing investigation, and the Department did  outstanding police work.

Trustee Daubney made a motion to adjourn; seconded by Trustee Grant; approved unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

        Phyllis A. Bradbury, Secretary

        Village Clerk/Acting Clerk

Corrections to the minutes of the meeting of May 4, 1998:

The top of all pages say May 6th, should be corrected to May 4, 1998.

Discussion on corrections:
1)      page 20, 1st full paragraph: referred to the turning off and on of trucks instead of idling, which reduces emission from diesel engines.
No additional paragraph was added to page 20 of the reprint.
Page 18, regarding the size of trucks, Village Attorney Waldman added that this is what was said, but the standard was given by which a vehicle is considered a truck and it is by the number of wheels; this was just an example of the standard.
Page 11, line 3, correct spelling: non-conforming.
Page 13, correct spelling should be Michelle Celarier.

Corrections to the minutes of the meeting of May 18, 1998:

Page 3, 2nd paragraph, line 8, correct spelling should be: Cortlandt

Page 3, 2nd paragraph, last line should read: follow the national election…

Page 3, 6th paragraph, last line should read: prepare an Environmental Assessment Form and other obligations, there is nothing…..

Page 6, 2/3rds down, 1st paragraph: change to read:  PRE zone…
        After that, three references to Planning Board should read: Zoning Board

Page 6, 3rd from last sentence, change to read:  for an “as built” foundation survey.

Page 6, 2nd paragraph, 1st line: Change from Planning to read:  Zoning Board

Page 6, last paragraph, second line, omit: should be discussed and

Page 6, last paragraph, lines 10 & 11, change to read: raised it at a work session

Page 6, last paragraph, line 12, add after Parking Lot Committee.: Trustee McCarthy stated that she had not raised this issue at a work session, that it was raised by another Board member.

Page 8, 3rd paragraph, 1st line, change name to: Sally Odland.