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March 12, 2001 Special Meeting
Special Board Meeting
March 12, 2001

Special Meeting of Board of Trustees – March 12, 2001

A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was called for Monday, March 12, 2001 to review a number of items with the Village Manager.

Present:        Mayor Elliott
                Trustee Grant
                Trustee Harkins
                Trustee McCarthy
                Trustee Watkins
                Village Manager Herbek
                Village Treasurer Reardon

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. The following items were discussed:

1.      Half Moon Bay Sales Trailer – The Village Manager said that he spoke to Daryl Walsh and that he was satisfied with the proposed location of the sales trailer just north of the turnaround area down the hill from the Half Moon Bay Bridge. Mr. Walsh said some of the residents of Half Moon Bay were under the impression that the road through the County-owned Railroad One site would be used for access to the phase 3, 4 and 5 portions of Half Moon Bay. As this road cannot be used for access by prospective home buyers, Mr. Walsh said that the location just north of the turnaround area would be the least intrusive to the homeowners in phase 1 and 2.
2.      Recreation Department – policy issue concerning use of Senasqua Park by School District residents. After discussion of this issue and the input provided by the Recreation Department staff, it was decided to open Senasqua Park to residents of the School District so that the Village would have uniform policies with regard to School District residents. Mayor Elliott, Trustee Grant and Trustee Watkins were in favor of this and Trustee McCarthy and Trustee Harkins were opposed.
3.      Van Wyck Shopping Center – The Board expressed concern about the loss of Grand Union from the shopping center and CVS takeover of about 15,000 to 16,000 square feet of this space. The Village Manager was asked to get together with Mark Giordano, the owner of the shopping center to let him know that the Village wanted to work with him to attract another grocery-type store. Trustee Grant expressed that now is the time to correct the illegal parking, traffic, loading and unloading in that area. She also said that now is the time to address the hours and timing of deliveries to prevent them from occurring during the early morning hours. The Village Manager was requested to get in touch with Mr. Giordano and review the Board’s concerns; to meet with a CVS representative; and review the various leases of the property. The Village Manager was further requested to have the Police Department strictly enforce the parking restrictions. He was also asked to find out about the Woodstock, New York situation and to explore the further use of the senior bus for seniors in the area who would now have to travel to Shoprite or the A & P.
4.      Brook Street Grade Crossing Elimination Program  –  The most recent Memorandum of Agreement was reviewed by the Board. The Board suggested that paragraph one should be amended to provide that following the design and construction of the new road to be build by Metro North, the existing at-grade crossing at Brook Street would be closed. The Board suggested adding by the Village after opening of the Road in the sixth paragraph. The Board also suggested that Seymour Waldman attempt to try to change the language in paragraph 7(a) to be specific as to the types of repair/ and or maintenance the Village would be responsible for.
5.      Study of Police Staffing and Overtime – The Manager reported on the response of the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services that they were backlogged and probably could not undertake this project for several years. The Board requested that we get on the list anyway and a letter will be sent accordingly. The Manager and the Treasurer will attempt to obtain some proposals from other management firms that do this type of analyses.
6.      Memorandum of Agreement with Andy Kagan concerning the pedestrian easement that runs through his property. The Village Manager asked the Board if they had any input for this proposed agreement and if so to please be in touch with him. The Village Attorney and Trails Committee are still reviewing the agreement. Following this, a meeting will be set to meet with Mr. Kagan.
7.      Harmon Firehouse – The Village Manager briefed the Board on the progress of construction and whether they would like to have the block changed to brick at the Harmon Firehouse. The Trustees were asked by the Mayor to take a look at the demonstration wall at the Harmon Firehouse and to get their comments back to the Village Manager.
8.      Millennium Pipeline – The Village Manager updated the Board on the last meeting that the 9/ 9 Nay Coalition had with the PSC with respect to the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement and the two alternatives that have been approved by FERC. The one alternative is the 9/ 9A alternative and the other is to have the pipeline be built from 100 to 500 feet of the centerline of the pipeline corridor and then to follow the Route 100 or Taconic Parkway route south to where the pipeline would then follow the original bikeway route further south to Mt. Vernon. The Board urged the 9/ 9A Coalition to press for the latter route which would not impact the Village.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard F. Herbek
Village Manager/ Clerk