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March 9, 2001 Special Meeting
Special Meeting of Board of Trustees – March 9, 2001

A special meeting of the Board of Trustees was called for Wednesday, March 9, 2001 to review a number of items with the Village Manager and Village Treasurer

Present:        Mayor Elliott
                Trustee Grant
                Trustee Harkins
                Trustee McCarthy
                Trustee Watkins
                Village Manager Herbek
                Village Treasurer Reardon

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM. The following items were discussed:

1.      Meeting with PASNY (Power Authority of State of New York) re: Air Conditioning System for Municipal Building. Village Manager Herbek introduced Chris Copeland, Account Executive for PASNY, who explained some of the advantages of PASNY taking on this project and bidding it out for the Village. He explained that their mechanical engineers would evaluate the plans submitted by Tom Seery of TAS Engineering and would work toward obtaining proposals as quickly as possible. PASNY does not have to comply with the WICK’s Law and it is estimated that a substantial amount of money will be saved for the Village in not having to follow the separate bidding requirements of the WICK’s Law. Also, the Village would avoid having to bond this project and having it added to the debt service of the Village. PASNY will give us their comments on the proposals for a split system versus a chilled water system and leave the final decision to the Village Board on how to proceed. PASNY will also provide the construction management. The consensus of the Board was to proceed with having PASNY take over this project and to proceed further with obtaining proposals.
2.      Half Moon Bay Sales Trailer – The Village Board reviewed several letters from Robert Davis of the lawfirm of Shamberg, Marwell, Hocherman, Davis and Hollis with respect to a suitable location for the sales trailer to be used by Kalian Companies, the developers for Phases 3, 4 and 5 of Half Moon Bay. Adam Wekstein of the firm appeared on behalf of Mr. Davis and explained that the proposed location owned by the Village, just north of the turnaround area down the hill from the Half Moon Bay Bridge, would offer the least disruptive area for the Half Moon Bay homeowners, and the owner of the Half Moon Bay Marina. There was some discussion of the concerns of the neighbors about this use of Village Property and that they preferred the use of the existing Phase 3, 4 and 5 site. It was explained that Westchester County will be relining and capping the Railroad One site, where the current emergency road is located, and that the County will only allow this road to be used as a construction access. The consensus of the Board was to authorize the Village Manager to allow the use of this site following a telephone call to Daryl Walsh, who is representing the Half Moon Bay HOA.
3.      Proposed amendments to the LI District – The Village Manager advised the Board that the Village Attorney was awaiting to hear from Frank Fish, one of the consultants for the Master Plan Committee, on the proposed language for this Local Law. Mr. Waldman indicated to the Village Manager that he had three versions of the proposed amendments and that he did not think it prudent for the Board to discuss this further until he had a chance to review this further with Mr. Fish.
4.      Senasua Park – Policy for allowing school district residents to use this facility. Village Manager Herbek explained that the staff was seeking clarification on the policy of only allowing Village residents to use Senasqua Park. He stated that school district residents are allowed to use most of the other facilities by paying a higher fee than Village residents. As a new photo identification system is being planned it would appear that it might be easier to implement if there was one clear-cut policy. The Board requested that the Recreation Department staff and the Recreation Advisory Committee further review this.
5.      Sign Law – The members of the Board reviewed several proposed minor changes in language to the proposed new sign law. The language changes agreed upon will be incorporated in the draft law to be considered at the public hearing scheduled for March 19, 2001.
6.      Harmon Firehouse Project – Fire Chief Tex Dinkler discussed two air conditioning units that were dropped from the Harmon Firehouse project on May 3, 2000 at the time of awarding the various construction contracts. The Board agreed that the two air conditioning units should be added back into the project. Chief Dinkler also discussed the need to purchase additional pagers and the emergency replacement of the 40-foot extension ladder. The Board referred Chief Dinkler to meet with Treasurer Reardon to see if sufficient funds could be found in the 2000-2001 Village Budget for these items.
7.      Continuation of Grievance Day – the Board met with Village Assessor Joe Sperber to review the final applications for assessment reductions. Decisions were reached on all the remaining applications and the Village Assessor was advised to notify the applicants accordingly.
8.      Payment of Bills – Trustee Grant moved to approve the payment of Village bills subject to audit by the Finance Committee. The motion was seconded by Trustee McCarthy and approved unanimously.

General Fund    $31,244.45
Water Fund                  3,323.87
Capital Fund              34,296.20
Trust Fund                  5,987.87

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Richard F. Herbek
Village Manager/ Clerk