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October 9, 2001 Special Meeting
Special Meeting of Board of Trustees
October 9, 2001

Present:        Mayor Elliott
                Trustee Grant
                Trustee Harkins
                Trustee McCarthy
                Trustee Wiegman
                Village Manager Herbek
                Village Treasurer Reardon
                Village Engineer Ioannou
                Asst Building Inspector Sperber

The Mayor called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM and the following agenda was discussed:

1.      Meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Committee with the Village Board concerning recommendations for changes in the parking requirements for Commercial Districts. Frank Fish of the firm of Buckhurst Fish & Jacquemart, Inc., recommended adjustments for parking ratios in the Village’s C-1 and C-2 districts. He recommended that the Village Board consider a parking ratio of one parking space per 250 square feet of retail/service floor area in both the C-1 and C-2 districts. This ratio will ensure that adequate parking is provided with new commercial development in both districts. He noted that many existing businesses in the C-1 district will become prior non-conforming uses. Office district parking rations will remain at one space per 300 square feet. Mayor Elliott requested the Village Manager prepare the necessary local law and SEQR documentation in order to implement these recommendations. Mr. Herbek will obtain a quotation from Frank Fish on preparing the various documents.

2.      Sign Law and enforcement – Village Engineer Kary Ioannou briefed the Board on the Village’s plans for enforcement of the new sign law that was adopted by the Board some months ago. He explained that the Village has hired Frank Pusatere, the Village’s Fire Inspector, to assume the additional duties and responsibilities involved in implementation of the new sign law. Mr. Ioannou further explained that the Village’s commercial districts would be divided into separate areas and the staff would begin the program probably with the Shoprite commercial area and them proceed north from there. There was some discussion about proceeding with the more serious or obvious violations first and this will be taken into consideration by the staff in proceeding with the new program of enforcement.

3.      Visual Environment Board – items of concern. The VEB has recommended several changes that it would like the Village Board to consider. This involves whether to reinvigorate the role of the VEB or whether to change the mandate it gives the VEB. The Village Manager also expressed concern that the existing VEB law is not workable from a practical standpoint and he agreed that the law should be reviewed and amended.  Mayor Elliott recommended that the Village Manager, Village Engineer and the VEB members get together to discuss the proposed scope of the VEB and to prepare a recommendation to the Board on possible changes to the law. This meeting will take place in the near future.

4.      Nextel – Klaus Wimmer, a property consultant for Nextel, appeared before the Board and asked if the Village had an interest in leasing approximately 250 square feet of space at the DPW garage and also possibly at the Municipal Building. There were several questions asked which Mr. Wimmer responded to and it was agreed that Mr. Wimmer proceed with providing additional documentation and schematics to the Village.

5.      Vehicle Replacement – The Police Chief’s request to replace a ten-year-old vehicle, which requires extensive repair work for use by the Detective Division, was denied. The Village will proceed to repair the vehicle at a cost of approximately $7,500.

6.      Harrison Street Playground – The Village Manager reported that additional funds would be needed to proceed with this portion of the planned improvements to the Harrison Street Playground. There is a shortfall of approximately $84,000 due to the fact that the sidewalk portion of the job came in higher than expected. He is in the process of seeking additional funds from the Westchester County Planning Department in order to fully fund this project.

7.      Benedict Boulevard – traffic and speed control issues for the streets off of Benedict Boulevard known as the “flats.” Three residents appeared before the Board to discuss their concern about the speed of cars using streets such as Hastings Avenue off of Benedict Boulevard. They would like signage or other measures to attempt to slow down the speed of vehicles in areas such as Hastings Avenue, which have many children. It was explained to them that signs such as “Children at Play” are not legal for use in areas such as this and that other signage would have to be used.  The Village Manager suggested that the group work with a representative from the Police Department who would be assigned to this project.  Residents were asked if they had a concern about the additional lighting on Benedict Blvd and they replied “no”; they specifically stated that they do no want any of those lights removed.  The Village Manager also said that he would have the traffic light at the intersection of Benedict Boulevard and Riverside Avenue evaluated in terms of the length of the signals in each direction.

8.      Riverside Avenue – traffic calming. This issue will be discussed again at another work session.

9.      Agenda Preparation – Joint Meeting of Village Board and School Board. Trustee Wiegman reported that he and School Board Member Jeff Yates were to be getting together to prepare the final agenda for the Joint Meeting scheduled for October 22nd. An issue that will probably be on the agenda is the location of the proposed skateboard facility.

10.     One Croton Point Avenue – Gallimaufrey Building. Trustee McCarthy moved to go into executive session to discuss this matter concerning the rental of a Village owned property. Trustee Harkins seconded the motion. In executive session the Board decided to proceed with the proposed amendments to the lease agreement being sought by Robert J. Hilpert. These were discussed with the Board on September 20, 2001. After some discussion it was decided to proceed with the proposed lease amendment in line with the Village Attorney’s memorandum of September 21, 2001 and to include all of the conditions outlined in the Village Attorney’s memorandum.

11.     The Village Board approved the request from Annamarie Maggio, Assistant Principal of the Croton-Harmon High School to hold a homecoming parade on October 19th at 7:30 PM.

The meeting ended at 10:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Richard F. Herbek
Village Manager/ Clerk