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April 18, 2012
Meeting:  Monthly VEB meeting held on Wednesday, 4/18/12
Schedule:  Convened at 7:30PM, concluded at approximately 9:30PM
Present:  Board members Doug Wehrle (Chair), Tom Smith, Valerie Leis, Sandy Hardy and Mark Flaherty
Absent:  Code Enforcement/Building Dept. representative Joe Sperber and trustee Greg Schmidt
Guests:  None


1) Silver Lake signage

*Reviewed sign designs with slight alterations to text as handed down by the village~

The Board:

*The VEB fully approves of altered text

*The VEB (Tom and Sandy) will provide final sign design with new text asap for village manager

*The VEB will write a site plan (w/proposed signage locations) and mounting proposal for consideration by the village engineer, village manager, etc

*The VEB suggests that the signs be installed into a concrete base with 4"x 4" black metal posts. ~Note that the signs will need to be attached to the posts BEFORE installation in this scenario to insure that they are straight and facing the proper direction. ~As a  second option the VEB suggests a concrete base installation with metal clamp holding signs in place. ~The VEB prefers option one here to be clear, feeling that it will be more visually pleasing and blend into the wooded environment best.

2) Sandy Hardy's impending departure from the VEB

*Sandy is moving out of state in August and will participate in board activities until June 2011

*VEB members are working on suggestions for her replacement asap

3) Visual Environment Report

 *It is a village code that every 2 years the VEB should submit an updated assessment on the visual landscape, along with recommendations on how to improve and protect the landscape (last report was 1985, which the board has reviewed)

*The VEB will begin the process of creating a new Visual Environment Report by identifying key locations with natural/man-made attributes to be protected and/or improved or enhanced. ~In the final report natural and man-made attributes will be separated.

 *Preliminary list of locations discussed include the Hudson River/waterfront, Croton River/Gorge Trail, Bethel Cemetery/Organ house, The Aqueduct Trail, Quaker Bridge, Croton Point Park, Croton Landing, Senasqua Park, Brinton Brook Sanctuary, The  Arboretum, The Duck Pond & Park, Municipal Building, Kaplan Pond, Wine Cellars at Croton Point Park, and the trail system overall. ~

*Local resident Carl Oeshner (sp?) will be contacted to help further develop this list. Per Sandy, "Carl is a great resource because he knows the history of every structure in Croton." ~We will look to him for additional direction in developing the report.

*Our report will acknowledge and address the '85 report, however the format will be altered to make better use of advances in technology in an effort to streamline the material. ~The VEB is working on a simplified template allocating a page to each attribute for  easy digestion by the various boards who will benefit from the report, including the Village Board, Planning Board, etc

*This report is not meant to override existing village code, but rather to inform possible code adjustment in the future for the protection and betterment of the special treasures Croton has to offer its residents

*Moving forward, as a guideline, the VEB believes that the value of any particulate attribute on the list is increased by the amount of people affected by it. ~As an example, protection of the Hudson River waterfront has enormous effect on every resident in the  Village, therefore making it an extremely valuable asset. ~