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October 17, 2012
Minutes 10/17/2012      Advisory Board of the Visual Environment
Present: Douglas Wehrle, Chairperson; VEB Members Tom Smith and Valerie Leis; Greg Schmidt (Board of Trustees liaison); New Member (pending approval) Seana O'Callaghan; Member of the Public: Michael Jannetta
Absent: Joe Sperber (Engineer’s Office liaison)

Meeting Agenda
The board discussed one new commercial sign, presented by Mr. Michael Jannetta, owner of soon to be opened Sala restaurant, located at 44 Maple Street.  Mr. Jannetta explained that the restaurant will specialize in the cuisine of Spain.  
Signage Proposal

Mr. Jannetta proposes to utilize the existing light box, which now reads “Forty Four tapas lounge”, to house his new sign. The existing red channel “Tapas” letters will be removed leaving only the light box sign, which measures 2 feet by 12 feet.  The text on the sign is proposed to read “Sala on Hudson”.  The sign is to be fabricated from a single sheet of plexiglass with vinyl lettering.     
Board Recommendations

While the VEB prefers to see the channel lettering rather than light box signs, we recognize the cost savings and expedience of using the existing light box installation. As such, VEB members unanimously approved the sign as proposed, with the following comments and proposed revisions:

1) Colors:
Background – suggest that the background color, proposed as orange Pantone 129U, be changed for a less saturated yellow/orange color.

Wrought Iron Design Feature – suggest that the color of the wrought iron design feature be changed from blue to a rust red color and that this feature should not conflict with the black Sala lettering, so as not appear to strikethrough the Sala name. Also the white outline could be removed to provide a cleaner image.

2) Wording:
The board suggests that the Sala on Hudson signage text be revised to highlight that this restaurant will specialize in cuisine of Spain. Since the words “on Hudson” do not connote this important message, the board suggests revisions that remove the on Hudson text and perhaps substitute it with the words “Sala of Spain” or “Sala de Espana”. Tom Smith provided Mr. Jannetta with a sketch of suggested word placement.

Post Meeting

In order to expedite the fabrication of the new sign, an email dated 10/17/12 was sent to Joe Sperber outlining the above.  As of this writing, Sala de Espana has opened for business and it looks and tastes great.

Additional Item

Doug Wehrle advised the board that he would request Mayoral approval of two new VEB members: Seana O'Callaghan and Seth Weintraub.   The inclusion of these two residents will not only fill the VEB’s two recently opened seats, but do so with highly qualified individuals.
Seana O'Callaghan is the owner and proprietor of the Green Growler. Including a local business person on our board will provide a special level of community insight. In addition to her entrepreneurship, Seana, a life-long Village resident, and has years of experience as a grants writer and project manager. Seana wants to help improve Croton as a place to work, live and shop.

Seth Weintraub is a technology Web site publisher (9to5 Mac, 9to5 Google and 9to5 Toys). Seth and his family have made their home in the upper Village.  Seth has an interest in urban planning with significant background in interactive technology and visual design. He recognizes Croton’s significant geographic position and wants to help build upon its numerous strengths.