March 3, 2012
Meeting:  Monthly VEB meeting held on Wednesday, 3/21/12
Schedule:  Convened at 7:30PM, concluded at approximately 9PM
Present:  Board members Doug Wehrle (Chair), Tom Smith, Valerie Leis, Mark Flaherty and Trustee Greg Schmidt
Absent:  Board member Sandy Hardy and Code Enforcement/Building Dept. representative Joe Sperber
Guests:  Merlyn (sp?) Valero (owner/operator of Croton Academy of the Arts)


1) Sign application for Croton Academy of the Arts

*Business to be located at #8B Old Post Road, Croton on Hudson, NY 10520 (in the former Zen Center)

*Business has been operating for over 10 years in another location, offering improv comedy classes and now adding acting classes, yoga, and other arts instruction

*Business owners will look to improve the property/entrance over time as part of a potential deal with the landlord

*Proposed rectangular sign to be affixed to building above business entrance, next to existing Municipal Parking sign, facing parking lot and Happy Hearts day care center
 *Proposed 3'x7' sign size is permissible under village code (Joe Sperber to confirm)

*Sign to be constructed of aluminum

The Board:

*The VEB fully approves of the sign design and Joe Sperber of Code Enforcement has been notified via email of this approval

*The VEB expressed some concern over paper signage currently in the windows at the front entrance. ~Owner expressed that these are temporary and will be removed when the new sign is installed, possibly replaced with a calendar of events board TBD

*The VEB raises the question of whether the existing and weathered "Municipal Parking" sign that is currently affixed to the building can be repainted, or preferably removed?

*The VEB suggests that the current "Municipal Parking" sign be replaced with a "one way" style sign placed elsewhere in the village, one possible location being under the existing "Municipal Building" directional sign located at the foot of Grand St

2) Silver Lake signage project

*Doug to meet with Abe Zambrano to discuss final sign verbiage on Tuesday 3/27/12

*Need to address sign placement and also offer landscaping recommendations for Silver Lake (next meeting)

*New sign designs approved (designed by VEB board members Tom Smith and Sandy Hardy)

*The VEB will work to expand the sign redesign project to Senasqua Park next

3) Visual Environment Report

*It is a village code that every 2 years the VEB should submit an updated assessment on the visual landscape, along with recommendations on how to improve and protect the landscape

*The last report was filed in 1985

*This report has been circulated to all VEB members for review ahead of the April VEB meeting

*Members should come prepared to discuss how best to move forward on a new reporT