June 20, 2012
Meeting:~Monthly VEB meeting held on Wednesday, 6/20/12
Schedule: Convened at 7:30PM, concluded at approximately 9:00PM
Present:~Board members Doug Wehrle (Chair), Tom Smith, Valerie Leis, Sandy Hardy,~ Mark Flaherty, and Trustee Greg Schmidt
Absent:~Code Enforcement/Building Dept. representative Joe Sperber


1) New sign at gateway of village / Anticipated sign proposals

*Questions as to why the VEB was not consulted on the newly installed Italian Deli sign (Located in the former Toi Ann's Catering and Jean Jacques Bakery space, just off of the Rte. 9 Croton/Harmon train station exit)
*The sign is legal by code standards so it is uncertain what recourse exists, if any.~ However this sign’s gateway location makes it especially important in terms of visual impact.
*Joe Sperber of the Code Enforcement/Building Dept. is investigating the matter further

*Expected sign proposals include:
*Hudson Valley Imaging/Physical Therapy Center (Next to R&D Flooring in the Shop Rite Plaza)
*The new Black Cow location in the upper village (Space in the previous Wonderous Things location)
*The new Craig Purdy (owner of Umami) Moroccan/French Bistro in the upper village (Located in the old Bella Paula restaurant space)

The Board:
*The VEB is concerned that the unapproved Italian deli sign’s prominent location makes it especially important.~ And while its use of the existing light box and new plastic banner sign may be code compliant (and cost effective, at least in the short term), a more distinctive signage design that takes full advantage of the store’s location would benefit both business and Village.~

*The VEB respectfully requests that is be consulted prior to any sign approvals or installations in all cases as a critical function of the board (including the expected proposals listed above)

2) Silver Lake Signage

*Village Manager Abe Zambrano has final text (with all spelling corrections) and final design for the signs in hand (Thank you again to Tom and Sandy for your design work!)
*The proposed size of the various signs is being drafted and will be sent to the Village manager for consideration in the next few days.

The Board:
*Tom Smith and Doug Wehrle will review the site and develop siting recommendations based on his signage designs and existing environment/features.~ Tom Smith will also consult with the Village’s chosen sign fabricator to insure complete communication and approved adjustments, if any are required.

*The VEB will develop a site plan showing proposed signage locations and mounting proposal for consideration by the Village Manager and Engineer.~ At this time, the board thinks that 4"x 4" black metal posts should be used rather than wood,~feeling that it will be more permanent as well as visually blending into the wooded environment.~ Note that the signs will need to be attached to the posts BEFORE in ground installation to insure that they are facing the proper viewing direction.

~ 3) Sandy Hardy's departure from the VEB

*Sadly, this was Sandy Hardy's last VEB meeting.~ Sandy brought a wealth of professional and personal attributes to the VEB.~ A southern lilt, good humor, matured experience, design sensibility, craft, and sense of the ‘big picture’ made her an especially valuable member, colleague and friend. We wish her all the best in her new home.~ She will be missed!

The Board:

*VEB members have some preliminary suggestions for Sandy's~replacement, including residents Seana O'Callaghan (Green Growler owner), Doug Olcott~ (Planning Board member), Ivanka Olcott (Architect), and Kirk Carelson (Architect)
*All additional recommendations should now be forwarded to the existing 4 members of the VEB, along with candidates experience and a "mission statement" from each as to why they would like to join the VEB.~

4) Visual Environment Report
*As a reminder/refresher on the report from the April meeting minutes:

*It is a village code that every 2 years the VEB should submit an updated assessment on the visual landscape, along with recommendations on how to improve and protect the landscape (last report was 1985, which the board has reviewed)
*The VEB will begin the process of creating a new Visual Environment Report by identifying key locations with natural/man-made attributes to be protected and/or improved or enhanced.~ The report will be organized along the lines of the Village’s natural and man-made attributes.
*The report will start with an assessment of the visual resources identified in 1981 and 1985.~ A very preliminary list of resources discussed, many of which were noted in the previous reports, include the Hudson River/waterfront, Croton River/Gorge, Bethel Cemetery/historic Bethel Chapel, historic Harmon sales office, The Aqueduct Trail, Quaker Bridge, Croton Point Park, Croton Landing, Senasqua Park, Brinton Brook Sanctuary, The Arboretum, Duck Pond & Park, Municipal Building, Kaplan Pond, Wine Cellars at Croton Point Park, and the trail system overall.
*The report will likely be constructed on a template that allocates a page to each visual resource.~ Advances in technology will incorporate images in each page, allowing the report to be made available electronically on the Village Web site.~

The Board:

*Doug Wehrle will create a preliminary draft layout and first partial draft~for of the new report for discussion
*Mark Flaherty will create a one-sheet template for each notable visual resource that contains pertinent information such as photo, history, significance to the village, etc
* Valerie Leis will begin photographing resources identified in the previous reports likely to be included in the forthcoming edition, along with other candidates as may become identified.