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July 20, 2011
Visual Environment Board
Minutes for July 20, 2011 - 7:30 PM.

Present: Board members Douglas Wehrle-chair, Tom Smith, and Valerie Leis. Code Enforcement and Building Dept liaison, Joe Sperber and Village Board liaison, Greg Schmidt.
Agenda Item 1:
Sign application for ‘Practical Healing Arts’
138 Maple Street
The Board reviewed a sign application submitted by business owner Emily Gross.
The sign fabricator, Carol Waterman of 1020 Howell Road, Port Byron, NY was not present.
The proposed sign would be constructed of Coreplast with dark green vinyl letters on a white background.~
The sign would mount to an existing archway above the entrance gate adjacent to the sidewalk.
The design including type and a well-being icon was contained in a rectangular boarder.
The board recommended:~
1. The applicant remove the border enclosure and let the type fill the maximum allowable 2 square foot area, allowing for a slight increase in type area.
2. Maintain the round corner rectangle sign shape but without the rule border. Make the sign the same color as the archway.
3. Change the type color to black and change the icon to a brighter green.
The applicant considered the recommendations and agreed to modify the design to include all 3 ideas.

Agenda Item 2:
Sign application for ‘The Green Growler’
368 South Riverside Drive
The board reviewed a sign application submitted by business owner, Seana O'Callaghan.~
Present was the sign fabricator, Steven Chester of Signs Ink, 3255 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights.
The proposed sign would be constructed of sheet metal, measuring 14 inches x 12 feet.~ The sign would have a white background with a comic book-style green dog logo and logotype.~ Products being sold at the store would be labeled in a secondary typeface – Helvetica.~ The sign would be mount to a fascia board, immediately below the shingled roof projection.~ Because the fascia is narrower than the sign is deep, it would hang lower than the fascia.
The board recommended:
1. The applicant should consider revising the sign location.~ As proposed the sign could look impermanent and not part of the storefront’s architecture. ~ Board members all felt that the sign would fit better mounted directly to the building’s siding above the door, where it would also be more visible and connect with the store’s entry and windows.~
2. The sign design appeared crowded.~ The secondary typeface should have more personality. The contrast between the logotype and secondary typeface is too strong.
3. Remove the products indicated by the secondary typeface to panels inside the windows, leaving just the logo and logotype in the main sign.
4. When the applicant said she was trying to create an old-time, old-neighborhood image, the board again recommended changing the secondary typefaces, and introducing an off-white or ivory background color.
Note: at the conclusion of the session, the applicant advised the board that she was committed to her design and placement.
*After the meeting, VEB members took the initiative to visit the Green Growler store location to review the signage proposal in situ.~ This post meeting review reinforced concerns expressed above that the proposed location of the sign hanging off of the narrow fascia, is not an optimum placement.~ Moreover, existing dense foliage street trees will at least partially obscure any sign above the window.~~~ White panels with large type, positioned top and bottom in each window would brighten up the window and be much more visible.~ In addition, a circular white panel behind the dog logo would make the logo stand out.~
Agenda Item 3:
Sign application for ‘Croton Colonial Diner’
221 South Riverside Avenue
The Board reviewed a sign application submitted by Steven Chester of Signs Ink, 3255 Crompond Road, Yorktown Heights, representing business owner Pete Tsagarakis.
The proposed sign would be constructed of plexi, aluminum and LED lighting. 18 inches x 6 feet, 9 square feet. The word, "DINER," in channel lettering is proposed for the south-facing stone fascia.
The board found no issues with the proposed design which should fit in well with the dinner motif.

Meeting adjourned at 8:20pm