September 21, 2011
VEB~ Meeting ~Minutes for 9/21/11
Present: Board members Douglas Where-chair, Tom Smith, Mark Flaherty, Sandy Hardy and Valerie Leis. Code Enforcement and Building Dept liaison, Joe Sperber , and guests per below
Convened at 7:30 PM , concluded at approximately 9:45 PM ~~~

Agenda Item 1 :~
Sign application for State Farm (located in newly built addition in shopping plaza with Zeytinya, Black Cow, Pirco Cleaners, CVS, etc)
-State Farm moving from their current location next to the Blue Pig
-Mr. Lee (owner) was in attendance
-His proposal was for a backlit sign on a single bar (channel lettering).~ This will NOT be hung letter by letter in the style of the CVS sign fyi
-Proposal also included a separate sign with State Farm logo (not included on the above bar) to be added at a later date based on State Farm logo/corporate identity change (date TBD)
-Mr. Lee also proposed additional signage consisting of State Farm logos and messaging relevant to SF services (e.g.. Insurance, Life, Auto, etc).~ This lettering will appear on all windows with the exception of the glass doors FYI.~
The Board:
-The board will clear sign and window signage w/o final State Farm logo
-Verbal approval given by Joe Sperber, who said he would "sign off on the permit tomorrow" (10/22)
-The board/Joe determined that Mr. Lee's signage proposal will keep him well within the zoning regulations
Agenda Item 2:
Sign application for Croton Auto Park, inclusive of "reskinning" some existing signage and relocating and enlarging existing signage
-Lou Giordano (owner) in attendance
-All existing banners advertising services will be removed once new signage is in place FYI
-FYI signage changes are "mandatory" per Chrysler according to Mr. Giordano
-FYI the architect on the project (building of the new arch around the current entrance way) confers directly with Chrysler (on signage also)
-3 additional signs proposed here that were NOT included in the previously submitted and approved plan FYI
-The above consists of 2 signs on Riverside (directional sign and "tall/main sign") and 1 on Municipal (services sign)
-The proposed signs (and one current sign to be refaced) will be brushed aluminum with a modern/clean look
-FYI these signs are factory made by Chrysler so it is unlikely that any changes can be made FYI (non-issue as the board approved of the design, though there are size issues per below)
-Two main issues arose, specifically pertaining to Mr Giordano's request to relocate and resize the "tall/main" sign that currently sits at the S. Riverside entrance.
-Mr Giordano would like to move the "tall/main" sign from its current location on S. Riverside to an existing concrete base at the intersection/corner of Municipal and S. Riverside.~ This is the location of the previous Chevrolet sign (many years ago)
-He requests the sign be mounted on a 29' pole, consistent with the height of the existing "tall/main" sign currently on S. Riverside
-According to Mr. Giordano the 29' pole is "mandated by Chrysler"
-This location however is only zoned for a 20' sign per Joe Sperber
The Board:
-The board approves of the new sign/refacing design, though did comment on what appeared to be poor line spacing on the drawings that were submitted.~ This could have simply been an error in the copies we recieved, but we did make note of it.~

-The board requested (and received) dimensions of the existing "tall/main" sign
-After site inspection by board members, we strongly disapprove of both the height (29') and placement (corner of Municipal and S. Riverside) of the proposed new "tall/main" sign, with the concern that this is a "gateway" entrance to our community/village and that a sign of this size and height is not appropriate in such an area.~
-The board feels this sign is more suited to positioning along a major highway rather than the "entrance" to a small village
-Mr. Giordano is meeting with the planning board to discuss the matter on Tuesday, 9/27 and Doug has sent along our thoughts for consideration during this meeting
-NOTE that according to Mr. Giordano Chrysler DOES offer two sign size options.~ He is going to get back to us with details on "option 2" asap
-Subsequent to the meeting with Mr. Giordano, board members made additional site visits in an effort to understand the impact that a sign of the magnitude suggested might have on this location.~ The conclusion was that such a sign would not work, either for the business or the community, as it would be readable only briefly from the highway and is not suitable for a village street.~ A monument style sign would be more appropriate in the board's opinion.
-Note that the board has submitted a list separate comments to the Planning Board on Croton Auto Park signage

Agenda Item 3 :
Sign application /alterations for Citgo Station (currently Oil City)
-Per the advice of the VEB, the sign size has been reduced to 40 sq. ft. from the originally proposed 48 sq. ft.
Sign now measures 4'x8' rather than the original 6'x8' design
-At an undisclosed future date, the owners MAY add a small band on the bottom of the sign to advertise Diesel pricing TBD (the board had no objection to this)
-The existing sign pole will be used and will be scraped and repainted
-The owner will remove all/other superfluous signage on the building (anything advertising services that are no longer offered, etc)
The Board:
-Requests the exact dimensions of the current Oil City sign for comparison
Agenda Item 4:
Half Moon Bay private residence proposal
The Board:
- The board’s initial review of the Half Moon Bay single family residence proposal surfaced the following suggestions/concerns: a smaller house/footprint, better visual consistency with existing Half Moon Bay architecture, alternate privacy fence design (NOT 6' stockade, possible "living fence"), extended walkway to stretch to existing park benches positioned on far side of parking lot (overlooking river), relocation of the existing gazebo to same location (for public use), brick lining or other visually pleasing addition to proposed asphalt walkway, and the addition of an 18" "buffer zone" between the privacy fence or hedge and the edge of paved walk, so the public can walk "normally and comfortably".
-Comments concerning this proposal are being further developed and will be sent to the Planning Board directly under separate cover.~