February 16, 2011
February 16, 2011 Minutes VEB Meeting

Board convened at 7:40

Present:  Sandy Hardy, Tom Smith, Valerie Leis and Liaison, Greg Schmidt

Absent: Doug Wehrle

Sandy Hardy chair


The Board had 3 matters before it:


The first was a sign application for Baked by Susan a retail/wholesale shop at 163 Grand St. The board discussed a sign design which is that of the logo appliqué repeated on each of the store windows and an additional sign mounted above the door which consists of the logo flanked with two wings containing stacked informational lettering. The board discussed the signage prior to the applicant’s arrival concluding that the sign above the door was cramped in the allowable space, the typeface of the wording conflicted with the very clever logo design and the sign is positioned too high for easy visibility by passersby on foot or in vehicles. Several alternative designs were considered. Upon the applicant’s arrival the design was again discussed at length and the following conclusions reached: for the time being, Susan will apply the logo to each of the two windows. The lettering will be in white within a logo diameter of approximately 24 inches. The strip below the stone front and above the doors and windows will be repainted a color that helps it blend into the background. At some later date, if it is within code, another sign will be affixed to the building in that band directly above the doors or somewhat to their side and perpendicular to the building face. This sign will suspend from a bracket and will reflect the appealing nature of the logo. The board would like the opportunity to review the additional design with the applicant prior to its fabrication but no additional application appears to be warranted. The board and applicant agree that this is a more cost effective and appropriate design approach for the site and business. It may also be possible to add some lighting from below that illuminates the sign. The information originally designated for the sign above the door may now be applied directly to the doors.


The second matter was a site plan for a proposed residence on the corner of Old Post Rd and Brook Street opposite the municipal building. The board is withholding comment until it knows more about the circumstances of the design having been brought to its attention.


Finally the board reviewed a document entitled Silver Lake Signage Plan. This appears to be a satellite map of that area of the village with the current signage flagged on the site. The board will continue to develop a new plan when there is some clarification of jurisdictions and with the cooperation of the Recreation Department and the Police Department. They are encouraged to attend our next meeting on the third Wednesday of March at 7:30 pm. Should the VEB be required to review a sign application on that date, it will convene at 7 pm.


The Board adjourned at 9 pm.


Respectfully submitted, Valerie Leis