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June 16, 2010

June 16, 2010

~Attending: ~
Doug Wehrle, Chairman
Tom Smith
Sandy Hardy
Joe Sperber, Assessor
Greg Schmidt, Trustee
Valerie Leis
Kevin McManus

Following represents the several considerations and recommendations of the Advisory Board of the Visual Environment at its July 16, 2010 meeting:

1. Minskoff Grant Realty sign permit
APPLICATION # 20100150 Steve Chester of Signs Inc. presented for his client Minskoff Grant Realty. The application is for a vertical directory sign at the Maple Street entrance to the currently unnamed shopping center (Capriccios II).  After reviewing specifications for the sign, including construction materials and placement, the board turned to overall design and potential contribution to the neighborhood of four small shopping areas.  

The board felt the sign was not in keeping with Village identity, being a rather stark modern frame. Greater attention might be paid to the overall neighborhood where people typically shop from area to area.

Members questioned the staggered placement of sign panels hanging within the overall frame. There was unanimous agreement that this treatment was visually jarring and difficult to “read”.  In addition, the sign does not appear to accomplish what is clearly a major goal; that being to communicate a presence at the street entrance.  The board discussed the fact that the shopping area does not have a name or visual identity “tag”, which could be accomplished with the new signage.  The board also discussed other directory signs, including one recently placed at Croton Commons, which utilizes a more traditional design.  While certainly not the only design solution, the board felt that it does present a form that seems more consistent with a village setting.  Finally, the proposed sign does not provide opportunity to include color, other than lettering or background of the individual panels, which also seems to be a lost opportunity and further adds to its stark appearance.

The board recommended that Mr. Chester convey the VEB’s concerns and suggestions to his client.  Further, understanding that Minskoff Grant Realty wishes to complete this process with all deliberate speed, the VEB offers its readiness to discuss alternate designs via the internet.   ~

2. Village-wide Signage

The board addressed the issue of overall Village Signage, particularly those signs created and placed by the Village itself.

Doug Wehrle and Sandy Hardy summarized the project discussed at the Monday evening (July 14, 2010) working session of the Village Board.

VEB will address signage needs at Silver Lake, taking that facility as a model of how future needs might be met in different areas of the Village. Greg Schmidt stated that he believes that the current dispersal of signs causes visual blight.

Reviewing signage at Silver Lake and the Village in general, it will seek to create a Style Manual of signage that establishes a hierarchy of design templates, establishing type and color treatments, use of the Village logo, and recommending construction materials as well as how the signage might be presented (holders, carriers, post mountings, tree mountings, etc).

Within the next two weeks board members will meet to examine the Silver Lake site, noting all signage, and begin work.

3.  New Village Board Liaison

The board welcomes its new trustee liaison, Greg Schmidt!

4. New Meeting Time

Going forward, starting with the next VEB meeting on July21st, the meeting will begin at 8:00 PM.