August 4, 2010
August 4, 2010  
Minutes of the Visual Environment Board

This meeting was postponed from its regular meeting time of July 21, 2010 due to summer scheduling.

Doug Wehrle, Chair
Sandy Hardy
Valerie Leis
Tom Smith
Joe Sperber, Village Assessor

Greg Schmidt, Trustee
Kevin McManus

The Board met at 8: 00pm and reviewed two sign applications, as well as a preliminary site plan.

1. Reference is made to APPLICATION # 20100174.
Applicant and artist Joe Mullins presented on his own behalf. He proposes a small sign on his property reading “Picture Framing.”
The sign meets code specifications and Mr. Mullins will work with Village Assessor Joe Sperber to determine proper placement on his property at 2 Lounsbury Road.

In approving the signage the Board noted only that Mr. Mullins might want to add a bit of color to his black and white sign, and certainly to enhance the appearance of the sign by raising it a bit, for example, hanging it from a short post, perpendicular to the street.

2. Reference is made to the APPLICATION of WELLS FARGO to replace Wachovia signage facing Maple Street, between the Black Cow and Percio Cleaners.

Regarding the pylon signage, the Board requires the square footage of Wells Fargo signage to be no larger than existing Wachovia signage. Mr. Sperber concurred and indicated he has already begun this discussion with representatives of Wells Fargo.

Regarding channel letters above the entrance to the bank, the Board was in complete agreement that the proposed sign is overwhelming and unnecessarily crowded as it fills all available horizontal and vertical space.

Board designers recommend lettering no larger than the cap “W” in the existing word “Wachovia.” It suggests Wells Fargo use vertical space created by this reduction in type size to repeat its “stagecoach and horses” motif which is more attractive, more subtle, less glaring than the high contrast yellow lettering red background, and brings the overall appearance into a scale more appropriate to the neighborhood.
(The stagecoach motif could appear at either end of the type, depending on corporate standards for left-facing and right-facing usage.)

The Board raised questions about missing plans for ATM and Drive-Up service signage.

The Board respectfully requests the opportunity to see revised plans.

3. The Board reviewed a preliminary site plan for an in-fill tenant space addition (of approximately 500 square feet) at the same shopping plaza on Maple Street, which space would face the parking area as does its neighboring CVS.

While the Board welcomed use of this area and such features as commercial windows in what is now a blank wall, it raised safety concerns for an area to the rear of the store where it abuts the rear of Percio Cleaners (and a private employee entrance to the cleaners).

The Board felt this alcove might better be closed off with an entrance only through a locked door, accessible to employees of either or both tenants, but otherwise not allowed to collect trash, or to pose a safety risk to shoppers.