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1.      Summaries of Work by Cherbuliez/Munz

A. Draft Summary of Recreation Master Plan Discussion at Croton-on-Hudson
Recreation Advisory Board Meeting of 11/13/01

     B. Draft Summary of Site Visits to Village and School Recreation Facilities
                             By Consultants with Village Rec. Staff on 11/28/01

C.      Status of Work to Date for Croton Recreation Master Plan, 2/11/02

D.      Draft Summary of Recreation Master Plan Discussion at Croton-on-Hudson
 Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting of 11/12/02




Attendees: John Giglio, Chairperson; Joe Streany; Cathy Windrum; Susan Menz, Superintendent of Recreation; Susan Cherbuliez, Cherbuliez/Munz, Landscape Architects

Items discussed:

1.   Names of parks: these have been changed.  The sewer plant where the new skate park will be located will be known as Municipal Place.  The Seprieo property will be known as Waterfront Property.  

2.   Village recreation needs were addressed.  It was noted that the recreation needs are to serve a population of 10,000 people, which covers the Village and School District.  The following needs were considered of prime importance:

A. Site/Building needs:

1)      More playing fields Discussion was held about the immediate needs as the HS field and track will be
out of use for several years during school construction. A question was raised as to when the proposed new field at the County owned Croton Point Park will be available for Village use.

2)   More basketball Courts

3)   A Community Center (including teen center), including classrooms, gym, and Kitchen. It was noted that after the completion of the 3 school renovations there will be three gyms at the schools while currently there is only one.

B.   Operational and financial needs:

4.)  Additional  staffing for current facilities and programs and for future improvements and for new programs (maintain current programs and enhance with new).

5)   Increased maintenance including a maintenance program for all facilities.

6)      Budgets for all physical and operational improvements.

7)  Evaluation of arrangements between Village and School regarding recreation facilities, usage, and programs, including maintenance and associated costs.

8)  Recommendations for improvements to arrangements between Village and School
(concern was expressed by the Rec. Dept. that they maintain fields that they do not use, and that no funding is given to Rec. Dept. by schools, nor by Little League, or AYSO which does giving funding to school District.) Rec. Dept. does not have either the funds or staff to adequately maintain the fields.

Other facilities and programs discussed, such as a nature center, were considered unnecessary because of other nearby facilities, which meet existing needs, such as Teatown Reservation and Saw Mill River Audubon facilities.

It was noted that the School District will have to construct three new tennis courts to replace those at PVC School, which will be eliminated because of the school construction.

The school district is revitalizing fields by doing one field a year.

3.    Current staffing: 1Recreation Superintendent, 1 rec. supervisor, 1 part time Senior Center Director (3 days a week), 1 park foreman, 1 park groundsperson, 1 administrative assistant.

4.    Current 6 week summer program: held in 2 week sessions, with the 6 – 12 year old group at CET Elementary School, and the age 4 – 6 group at the PVC School.

5.     Comprehensive Plan: a questionnaire was conducted about recreation needs. It was suggested that the 900 people who responded were primarily age 25-35 housewives, who did not reflect all community needs, such as those of the seniors.  As it was a bulk mail, many people did not respond.

6.     Recreation Questionnaire:  Board members think that a Recreation Needs Assessment should be conducted. It was suggested that it might be wise to have it on the Croton Web site, as an interactive survey and that more people may respond if it is by computer.  The possibility of assessing the willingness of residents to pay for recreational improvements through an increase in Village taxes was also discussed.

7.    Location for new facilities:  A possible site for a playing field may be the flat area of the Baltic Estates, formerly the Davis Family Farm.

8.     Recreation Standards:  The RAC requested recreation standards to assess existing and proposed facilities.  Cherbuliez/Munz (C/M) will provide these as the project continues. Susan Cherbuliez pointed out that in current recreational thinking, standards have been “played down” in favor of looking at community needs, which differ because of the availability of existing other public and private facilities, as well as because of the culture of the community.

9.     Additional Information:  At a meeting attended by Lucille Munz of C/M with Susan Menz and Rick Herbek on 10/16/01, it was noted that the 12 acre Guvea property on the Albany Post Road may be a possible site for a Community Center.  This was not discussed at the above meeting.
10.    Next steps:  
A.      Cherbuliez/Munz will get information on the Croton Pt. Park field from the County and will
make arrangements to visit all recreation facilities with Susan Menz within two weeks.

B.      Susan Menz will provide C/M with the Comprehensive Plan Draft, the Questionnaire, and with the responses.

                                                                Revised/corrected 4/24/02
                                                                Revised/corrected 12/6/02


on 11/28/01, by Cherbuliez/Munz, Landscape Architects, for Recreation Master Plan

Attendees:  Artie Neff, Rec. Dept., Susan Menz, Superintendent of Recreation; Susan Cherbuliez and Lucille Munz, Cherbuliez/Munz, Landscape Architects


·       Village’s most utilized park
·       Accessed, with Croton Landing, by tunnel which will be reserved for pedestrians use only, when new entrance road is built from Half Moon Bay Road
·       Site Features: Pavilion (can be rented): bathrooms (closed for winter); sand area for beach volleyball; play area; parking; lawn areas with old & new shade trees; benches, picnic tables and grills; gabion wall at waterfront; existing barge and pier to be removed.
·       Uses: outdoor movies and concerts in summer (stage set up), picnicking, sunbathing; must be reserved for use by Village residents, especially on weekends.
·       Parking: Existing parking is sufficient for normal use; for events, adjacent Goodyear lot used.
·       Observations/recommendations:
o       Needs more shade trees
o       Parking can be better organized
o       New guide rail needed
o       Play area can be upgraded and become more attractive

·       Leased by Village to private yacht club

·       Recently acquired for park; Beaverkill area to the north is considered a nature preserve
·       Site Features:  Open lawn areas with trees; boat launch/beach at north end of Beaverkill with breakwater
·       Uses: walking dogs, fishing, boat launching
·       Observations/Recommendations:
o       Fencing needed between CSX property and park
o       Beaverkill could have trail developed, with invasive plants including vines removed, and some replanting
o       Develop plan for use of park and design to suit that use
·       Possible uses proposed by residents and Village Boards for property: Community Center; marina/boat launch; restaurant

·       Neighborhood park
·       Site Features: one ball field for Little League/Minor League baseball; one of three Village basketball courts; pond; play area with play equipment, swings, picnic table; small parking lot
·       Uses: pond used for ice skating, fields for local league play, playground used
·       Observations/Recommendations:
o       Upon completion of proposed pond dredging, stabilize banks with rock and planting to help prevent siltation and plant pond shoreline to discourage geese
o       Install signage prohibiting the feeding of geese

o       Install 8’ wide path on far side of pond as proposed by Village; add plantings and benches along path
o       Reorganize playground area and make playground adhere to current ASTM Standards and Consumer Product Safety Standards (CPSS); make ramp to playground ADA compliant

·       Park located overlooking Croton River and adjacent to Croton Gorge Trail
·       Site Features: Swimming area and beach with bath house; pavilion in woods separate from swimming area; parking area off road at upper level
·       Uses: swimming, picnicking
·       Observations/recommendations:
o       Village recognizes that bath house needs plumbing upgrade and possible exterior visual improvements
o       Parking lot needs to be formalized: remove woodchips, pave; install guard rail with box-beam along edge; remove invasive vines from trees
o       Replace wooden steps from road down to swimming area, repair/replace handrails
o       Connect pavilion to park with path
o       Add picnic tables in flat area along road down to swimming area

·       Passive park located along lake-like area of Croton River
·       Appears underutilized
·       Site Features:  Two buildings (one large, one a small house) used for storage; gravel/dirt parking area
·       Uses: fishing, picnicking
·       Observations/recommendations
o       Opportunity for boating (rowing, canoeing, and/or kayaking) – consider developing park for these uses; could use concessionaire
o       Provide picnic area with tables, waste containers
o       Organize parking area, using gravel and wood guard rails to retain rustic appearance

·       Neighborhood park
·       Currently under reconstruction with CDBG funding

·       Located in the Village Center, recently upgraded
·       Site Features: Playground, basketball court, Ball field for Little League, path to undeveloped part of park
·       Observations/recommendations
o       Consider possible uses of undeveloped part of park; good location for community center but property too small

·       Located in the Village Center
·       Site Features: Stone wall stage, field used for Little League
·       Uses:  Concerts at stage, Christmas tree lighting
·       Observations/recommendations
o       Consider possible use of park for Community Center


(formerly Alexander Lane: lower field)
·       Little League field with soccer used by Croton High School
·       No parking, except for one handicapped space; users park at CET Elementary School

·       Located behind CET Elementary School with entrance off Gerstein St.
·       Lit ball field and soccer field
·       Used by School Athletic Dept., Little League, and by Rec. Dept for Men’s Softball
·       No parking except for one handicapped space

·       Used by School Athletic Dept. and AYSO

CET FIELD (school District Field)
·       Used for Flag Football and Little League


- Village Rec. Dept. cares for 4 fields, but only utilizes Firefighters Field
- Schools, Little League, and AYSO use the fields to the largest extent
- AYSO provide funds to the school district for maintenance of fields, but does not provide money  
   to the Village Rec. Dept. for field maintenance


·       Neighborhood park, upgraded two years ago, with new play equipment, swings, seating, paths, planting

·       Three clay courts were located at the PVC Middle School, and are being removed for school construction
·       Courts were used rarely and replacement courts may not be needed

BASKETBALL COURT (known as “Chapel Court”)
·       Located in the Harmon section of Croton, on church property
·       Although this is a church basketball court, there is a longstanding arrangement that neighborhood residents use the court, and the Village Parks and Recreation Dept. maintains it


·       Nature Preserves:  It was agreed that there is no need to look at Nature Preserves or nature programs as sufficient programming is provided by nearby Tea Town Reservation and maintenance of the Village owned sites (Kaplan’s Pond and Wetland, Croton Gorge Area, and the Jane E. Lytle Memorial Arboretum) are not of concern as part of this Recreation Master Plan.

·       Need for Tax Maps: In order to consider sites for a Community Center and for ball fields, tax maps and/or other mapping is needed.  To begin the process, Cherbuliez/Munz (C/M) will review tax maps in the Village for the following properties to assess the potential of each site for recreation facilities:

Vacant Undeveloped Land:
1.      Warren Road parcels
2.      NY & Albany Post Road parcels
3.      Old Post Road North parcel
4.      Croton Nursery parcels
5.      Upper Cleveland Drive
6.      Upper Route 129 parcels
7.      Maple Street parcels

Municipally owned Land:
8.      Upper Grand Street

Submitted by Susan Cherbuliez, of Cherbuliez/Munz, 12/18/01
Revised 1/21/02 after review by Susan Menz, Superintendent
Revised/ corrected 12/06/02


STATUS OF WORK TO DATE FOR CROTON RECREATION MASTER PLAN, 2-11-02 Cherbuliez/Munz, PLLC, Landscape Architects _________________________________________________________________________________


To date, Cherbuliez/Munz (C/M) has completed the following tasks related to the Recreation Master Plan, Phase One, Recreation Needs Assessment, for the Village of Croton on Hudson:

1.      Susan Cherbuliez met with Rec. Advisory Committee (RAC), 11/13/0 and provided summary of meeting
2.      Susan Cherbuliez and Lucille Munz visited school and recreation facilities with Susan Menz and Artie Neff on 11/28/0. A written summary of the visit was provided and reviewed by Susan Menz, and corrections made by C/M.  The summary addressed, for each facility where appropriate, major site features, access, uses, and observations/recommendations.  Maintenance issues at fields were discussed.  C/M also requested tax maps or similar material for specific vacant undeveloped lands and a municipally owned parcel.
3.      C/M has reviewed AYSO Needs Assessment from Lewis Insler, dated 1/15/02.
4.      C/M has reviewed the following material provided by the Village:
-       the Report on Residential Survey for the Comprehensive Plan Update, 11/8/00, with particular
attention to recreation related material
-       the Open Space Inventory, 1996
-       the 1991 Black Rock Master Plan
-       the 1994 Park, Playground, and Recreation Analysis
-       the 1997 Greenway Vision Plan
-       the 9/2001 Feasibility Study for the Village Waterfront Property
5.      Susan Cherbuliez met with Susan Menz on 2/1/02 to review staffing; maintenance issues; proposed budget for 2002 – 03, including income, programming, fees, capital and operating budgets.  Teen needs were also discussed.  C/M will evaluate these and report on them.
6.      C/M has begun to gather information from two or three other Westchester municipalities that are similar in size and facilities to Croton, in order to assess how Croton’s recreation services compare in regard to facilities, staffing, maintenance, programs, and budgets.


1.      Recognizing the need for additional playing fields and basketball courts, as well as for a Community
Center, C/M will look at existing vacant undeveloped land and a municipally owned parcel, as well as
existing municipal properties.  The Rec. Dept. will see that we are provided maps, if needed, in order to assess the potential of each site for recreation facilities.  Material is also included in the Open Space Inventory which will assist in this assessment.
2.      C/M will complete the assessment of other municipal recreation resources to assess with Croton’s
3.      C/M will develop a list of recreation standards to assess Croton’s facilities with these standards.
4.      C/M will assess Croton’s facilities, staffing, maintenance, program, and budget needs, in order to make recommendations for Phase II of this project.

Submitted by Susan Cherbuliez, of Cherbuliez/Munz, 2/11/02
Revised/corrected 12/06/02




Attendees: John Giglio, Chairperson; Robert Soucy, Mary Thoubboron, Cathy Windrum, Lisa Vlad;
Gary Pettit (Youth Program Director); Susan Menz, Superintendent of Recreation; Rick Herbek, Village Manager; Susan Cherbuliez, Cherbuliez/Munz, Landscape Architects

The purpose of the meeting was to review the completed Draft Master Plan, which had been submitted to the Recreation Department October 4, 2002; copies had been distributed to the Committee.

The meeting was spent reviewing the Plan page by page in order that the Consultants make the necessary changes.   

The Committee and staff identified the following new items, which will be included in the Final Master Plan:

1)      The Teen Program: more information was provided by Gary Pettit.
(Note: Gary Pettit  followed up his comments with a written communication, sent several days later
to the Consultants, about the Teen Program.)

2)      Garage Recreation Room Improvements and Equipment: The Committee, in discussion with Mr.
Herbek and Susan Menz, agreed to add to the Capital Plan in Year One these Improvements.
3)      Duck Pond:  The Committee recommended deleting the $250,000 project for stabilization of the banks of Duck Pond Park from Year One of the Capital Plan. This stabilization will not be necessary, as originally thought, once the dredging operation is complete Less costly parts of Duck Pond Improvements can be incorporated into year Two. This change will allow the Garage Recreation Room Improvements to be put into Year One, as this is an immediate need, as identified at the meeting.

All other matters discussed at the meeting will be included in the finalization of the Master Plan.

                                                                                 Submitted by Susan Cherbuliez of Cherbuliez/Munz, 12/03/02
                                                     Revised/corrected 12/10/02