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Table of Contents


A.      Evaluation of Existing Conditions
1.       Village Profile                                                        page 5
2.      Summary of relevant Master Plans and Recreation Plans           page 5
3.      Additional Recreation and Open Space Facilities in Area         page 9
4.       Evaluation of Village Parks and School Recreation Facilities   page 9
4.1     Recreation standards                                            
4.2     Existing Resources in Croton-on-Hudson in relation              
      to Standards
4.3     Evaluation of Specific Village Facilities                       
4.4     Evaluation of Village Programs                                  
5.             Income and Expenses for Recreation Facilities                    page 14

B.      Village Needs and Wishes                                        
1.      Community Input                                                 page 16
2.      Recreation Department Needs and Wishes                          page 18
3.      Summary of Needs                                                        page 19
A: Immediate Needs
B: Short term needs                                                     
C: Long term needs                                                      


A.       The Plan
1.      Overall concept and approach                                            page 22
2.      Facility recommendations                                                        page 23
2.1 Short-term recommendations                                          
2.2     Long-term recommendations                                               
2.2.a  Community Center                                         
2.2.b  Playing Fields                                                   
2.2.c  Greenway/Hudson River Walk                                       
3.      Property Acquisition Recommendations                                    page 30
4.      Program Recommendations                                         page 30
5.      Operational Recommendations                                             page 31
5.1 Staffing                                                            
5.2 Management of Facilities                                            
5.3 Financial Issues                                                    
5.4 Other Recommendations                                               
        6.   Summary of Major Recommendations                                   page 36

(Table of Contents – continued)

B.         Plan Implementation
1.      Five Year Capital Plan                                                  page II-38
2.      Cost Estimates for Capital Plan                                         page II-38
3.      Implementation Opportunities/Options                                    page II-40

Tables:                                                                                 page II-41
        A.   Village Owned Properties for Consideration for Recreation Use
        B.    Privately Owned Properties for Consideration for Recreation Use
       on OSI Inventory
        C.    Privately Owned Properties for Consideration for Recreation Use
                (from Information provided by Village Manager)
D.    Selected Day Camp Fees for Croton & Other Municipalities
E.     Selected Fees for Swimming in Croton and Other Municipalities
F.     Five Year Capital Plan for Recreation Department

1.      Village Profile
2.      Residential Survey – p. 12
3.      Open Space Parcels with Acreage by Category
  from 1996 Open Space Inventory
4.      Summaries of Work by Cherbuliez/Munz
5.      Draft Summary of Recreation Master Plan Discussion at Croton-  
                                     on-Hudson Recreation Advisory Board Meeting of 11/13/01
           6.     Draft Summary of Site Visits to Village & School Recreation Facilities
                             on 11/28/01
           7.     Status of Work to Date for Croton Recreation Master Plan, 2/11/02