About Croton-on-Hudson, NY

View of the Hudson River from Hunter Place
View of the Hudson River from Hunter Place. The Village is approximately five square miles. The Croton River and Hudson River meet and form the Village's boundaries to the South, East and West. The Village's topography includes low lying areas along the Hudson River and Route 9; the Croton River Gorge; and a plateau at the Village's northern boundary that reaches elevations up to 600 feet within a mile of the Hudson.

Quick Facts:
- The Village was incorporated in 1898.
- The Village has a Council-Manager form of government. The five member elected Village Board of Trustees makes policy and functions on behalf of the citizens. The mayor acts as a member and the presiding officer of the board. The Board of Trustees hires a full-time Village Manager. The manager handles the day to day activities in the Village and reports to the Board of Trustees. The mayor is not a full-time position.
- The Local Government Public Access Television is Channel 78. Board of Trustee Meetings broadcast live on the night of the meeting and again at 8:00 pm on the Wednesday following the meeting. The channel also features programming about upcoming events, emergency preparedness, household safety, and local events in the village.
- Board of Trustee Meetings also broadcast as webcasts during the meeting and on-demand after the meeting through the Village Website.
- The Village became a Tree City, USA in 1984.
- The Hudson River Valley Greenway designated the Village as Greenway Model Community in 1993. The Village received the 2004 Visions in Planning Award for the development of the riverfront RiverWalk trail.

About the Village: