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On the occasion of the dedication of the Buchanan-Cortlandt-Croton 9-11 Remembrance Memorial, Croton Landing Park


September 11, 2012

Dear friends and neighbors,

We gather here today to bring into sacred communion this tortured beam, this rounded stone, and this serene shore.  

We dedicate today this visible beam and stone and shore that are now indivisible, just as we are all indivisible–when we act together.

We stand here today to remember the monstrosity visited upon us all that clear and perfect September morning eleven years ago.  

Everyone feels pain, loss, fear, frustration, rejection, despair, and loneliness.   But each of us can, should, and must feel joy, serenity, love, and the presence of our world’s boundless gifts.  
We must simply be open to these gifts with the actions of our heads, our hearts, and our hands.

In order to forgive, we stand here today.

In order to heal our grieving, we stand here today.

In order to rekindle our resolve to live and grow, we stand here today.

In order to reaffirm the great resilience of our open society, we stand here today.

In order to fashion a new world from the shards of the old world, we stand here today.

And, finally, in order to embrace all that we have in common with our sisters and brothers of other nations, which so vastly outweighs our differences, we stand here today.

This beam was hewn once by human hand and re-hewn by human hand on that day, and now re-hewn again to rest here on this stone by this shore. This last hewing is driven by love and resilience.

As surely as the sun will rise again each day, this beam and stone and river will stand here for us, marking the hours each day, whether we are present or not.

We can take great comfort in that.  We can find resilience flowing from that.

No matter how dark the hours of yesterday, the sun rose today. Sunlight will come again each and every morrow forever more.

And from the arc of our sun, this beam and this stone form their shimmering shadow–and this water sends with its lapping tides ashore–to the beat of the unending passage of time.  

We are part of something much larger now. We are indivisible from this beam and this stone and this shore.

In order to dedicate this beam, stone, and shore as a place of resilience for ourselves and all those who may visit, we stand here today–indivisible as witnesses before each other.

Thank you all so very much for coming as witnesses today. May the resilience flow forth for us and our children and their children.

Mayor Leo Wiegman