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ZBA February 8, 2006
                                                DRAFT FILED:  2/21/06
                                                FINAL APPROVAL: 3/8/06


MEMBERS PRESENT:        Kathleen Riedy, Chairman
                                              Rhoda Stephens
                                              Ruth Waitkins
                                              Paul Rolnick
                                              Witt Barlow

ALSO PRESENT:    Joseph Sperber, Code Enforcement Officer

Meeting came to order at 8:00 P.M

Kathleen Riedy, Chairman, announced the location of fire exits.


James & Lucille Tuman, 70 Mt. Airy Rd.  Located in a RA-25 District and designated on the Tax Maps of the Village as Section 68.17 Block 1 Lot 6 & 7.  Request for a front yard variance with respect to a proposed ground floor and second story addition.

Jim Tuman – 70 Mt. Airy Rd. – I am requesting an area variance for an addition.  We are trying to add on to the existing house.  Many of you are familiar with the house; it is the old Salzberg house.  We are inside the property line about seven feet and we are expanding an existing crawl space area.  That is what triggered the variance.
Stephens – I was out at the site.  Will you be going out to the flagstone?

Tuman – I have pictures of the house.  One of the concerns was if the roof line would match.

Discussion followed over pictures.

Rolnick – Will it be the way it is shown on plans?

                                                        Page – 2-
                                                                                    ZBA Minutes

Tuman – Yes.  It is designed to keep it in scale.  It is hard to make any changes to the house because anything we plan on doing to the house would change the character of the house.  

Discussion followed over pictures.  

Tuman - If we went over the one story living room, it would impact our neighbors.  Our plan is the best solution esthetically and zoning wise.   I am not proposing to build a McMansion.

Rolnick – Does the eighteen hundred square feet include the new structure?

Tuman – Yes.   

Discussion followed over pictures.

Tuman - I was concerned esthetically on how to make this work.  The house is directed away from the street.   So anything I do I have to be sensitive to not having too much contact with the street, but at the same time be esthetically pleasing.  I will replace the siding and have wood trim and clap boards.

Rolnick – I would say that one of the visual impacts you would be concerned with is when driving down the hill and you’re looking at the house.

Tuman – Yes, I would be concerned with that too.  I do not want something ugly.

Stephens – But, also the lights coming into your window at night when people are driving by.

Tuman – I think it is better to have windows, otherwise you have a blank solid wall and I want trim so it does not look like a massive wall.  I also want to take off the old siding to see what is under there.  

Discussion followed over pictures and plans.

Rolnick – When are you planning on starting construction?

Tuman – As soon as I can get through the Building Permit process in the spring or March.   I really did not want to change the footprint of the house because of all the plantings that Norma Salzberg, the previous owner, had planted.  I wanted to keep them over the years.
                                                                        Page – 3-
                                                                                                            ZBA Minutes

Pictures submitted of the crawl space.  

Tuman – These were pictures taken when Richard Salzberg was living there.   

Rolnick – So, the top floor will be …

Tuman - Three bedrooms and it will stay three bedrooms (applicant referred to plans).

Rolnick – So, you want it to stay three bedrooms?

Tuman - Three bedrooms upstairs.  There are actually four bedrooms.

Pictures submitted

Tuman – (Referring to pictures of the crawl space) It is too small for a bedroom.  I will probably put the computer there and a little entry way.

Rolnick – (To Joseph Sperber, Code Enforcement Officer-) – Can he choose his own front yard?

Sperber – If two sides of a property sit on a street it is considered to have two front yards on the street sides.

Waitkins – So, all he is looking for is a front yard variance.  Nothing else?

Sperber – Correct.

Barlow – He should have a setback of forty feet, correct?

Sperber – Correct.

Barlow – We do not have to give a variance for the whole house just the area of the addition.

Sperber – Yes, correct.  Only the side where the construction will take place.   

Rolnick – In other words we are not legalizing the whole house.

Sperber - No. you are legalizing the proposed work.

Discussion followed over plans and variance measurements.

                                                        Page -4-
                                                                                   ZBA Minutes

Sperber – He needs a thirty four foot front yard variance.  The Board can ask for 35 ft. to be safe.

The applicant requested a 35 ft. variance.

Rolnick – What will you do in terms of windows?

Discussion followed over plans

Tuman – Esthetically, I like it higher up to break up the solid wall.

Barlow – Would you agree if we made a condition to the variance that you have windows?

Barlow – Normally you would not have to come before us to put in windows.

Tuman – After talking with you I thank just having a solid wall is not great and it would be nice to have cross ventilation in the room.   

Rolnick – Do you have windows looking out over the fence to the street?

The Board was referred to Page A-3 of the plans.

Stephens – There are no specific plans with respect to windows.

Discussion followed over plans with respect to windows.

Paul – I would suggest you come back with a final plan.

The Board and the applicant agreed to adjourn the hearing in order to allow the applicant time to revise the plans to show the location of windows and make the necessary revisions to the plans.

Hearing adjourned until March 8, 2006.

Hearing adjourned.

                                                                        Page – 5 –
                                                                        ZBA Minutes

Greentree Realty, LLC, 1A Croton Point Ave.   Located in a LI District and is designated on the Tax Maps of the Village as Section 78.16 Block 2 Lot 1 & 2.  With respect to a Request for a Notice of Appeal of Administrative Decision (Section 230-163 (B).  

The Board acknowledged receipt of a letter from the applicant requesting to adjourn the hearing until March 8, 2006.

The Board agreed to grant the applicants request to adjourn and requested the ZBA Secretary to contact the applicant to advise him that the Board requests a more advanced notice when requesting an adjournment.

Hearing adjourned.

The Board further agreed to grant the Chairman of the Board the power to grant or deny adjournments without holding a meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

Janice Fuentes
ZBA Secretary